‘I Found What I was Missing’

2014-2015 Issue 1


Jenny Moreno had taken plenty of French courses since arriving in Quebec. After earning an industrial engineering degree in her native Colombia and a masters in project management at the École Polytechnique de Montreal, she studied French with Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada as well as at the Université de Montreal. Yet even after completing those courses, she wasn’t confident that she could communicate in French at a professional level.

“I didn’t feel autonomous,” explains Moreno. “I knew something was missing, even though I’d already taken so many courses.”

Then she found McGill’s French and English Online Courses listed on the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec’s website. Although initially skeptical about the idea of taking French courses at a primarily English institution, the online format appealed to her. “I work and I have kids; I don’t have time to go onsite.”

Moreno started at the intermediate level, and by the time she started her second course she knew she’d found what she’d been looking for. “I saw the difference. Although I hadn’t been making mistakes in French, I spoke oddly; my sentences were too long, and sometimes people couldn’t understand the expressions I used. Now I had precise, specific tools that I could use on the job. That’s what I think was missing – we applied everything directly to work. It was practical.”

Not only did Moreno like the results, she also enjoyed the online format. “I did it at night in my limited free time – about 30 minutes a day, by web, telephone, or over email.”

Although the courses have already succeeded in increasing her confidence, she’s intent on completing the final two levels of the program. “It was well-structured, practical, and I learned a lot. I know others who are in the same boat as me – professionals with families – and I’ve already recommended it.”

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