MACES: The McGill Association of Continuing Education Students

2014-2015 Issue 1


maces-logoFounded in 1985 by a group of students from what was then known as the Centre for Continuing Education, MACES (the McGill Association of Continuing Education Students) will mark a major milestone in 2015.

To celebrate 30 years of representing the interests of their fellow students, the MACES executive has undertaken a complete rebranding. They’ve created a new visual identity, and they’ll be launching a new website at the start of the Winter 2015 session. The Association has also revealed a new brand promise: To continuously promote positivity, engagement and harmony for a rewarding academic experience and, consequently, a better community.

“The rebranding was necessary to inject new life into the association,” says Anna Gorkova, President of MACES. “We want stronger exposure, and we want to project a dynamic and innovative image using the visual elements our members connect with.”

Their new logo, which was created in collaboration with a local design firm, incorporates a stylized version of the open book that appears in the McGill University crest. It will feature prominently on the new website, which will include an interactive event calendar and an online reservation system. Students will also be able to participate in online discussions and blogs. Together, the Association’s new initiatives “represent not only an overhaul of the MACES image, but also internal restructuring,” says Darine Bader, MACES’ Vice-President of Academic Affairs. “That’s reflected in our revision of bylaws and the upcoming administrative elections. We’re excited about the new year.”

The role of MACES, however, will not change. They will continue to offer students academic support and guidance, assist members in enhancing and expanding their professional networks, and reward academic excellence through scholarships and bursaries. They also collaborate with other McGill societies and provide a warm and relaxed campus space at 3437 Peel Street.

MACES encourages SCS students to enhance their academic and social experience by getting involved and supporting the organization. All are welcome to use its campus space and attend MACES events, and students are able to provide feedback either through social media, the new website, or directly with a representative. Students can also serve on a MACES or McGill committee, sit on the council that oversees the board of directors, or become a board member. Elections for the board of directors will be held in January 2015, and it’s “an excellent opportunity for students to contribute their knowledge and leadership by being part of the association,” says Valerie Ndiweni, Chief Operating Officer and Building Director.

Overall, the entire team is eager to see all their new initiatives come together, in addition to welcoming a new wave of MACES student members next semester. Katherine-Marie Albisi, MACES’ Vice-President of Communications, promises that “2015 will be an exciting year.”

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