Five Things Dean Potter’s Thinking About Right Now

2014-2015 Issue 1



 1. Our students

“What do they need from us? What services can we offer that will help them be successful in the workplace? It’s very important to me that the School is out there serving students, because they’re our primary concern.”

2. Offering a Degree Program

“The development of a part-time degree program designed for working adults is very high on my wish list. It’s an important aspect of serving the needs of our clientele.”

3. La vie en français

“We definitely want to increase our French language activities, but we want to do more. For example, we’ve recently received seed funding from the provincial government to develop a McGill portal that promotes the University’s French opportunities to the surrounding community.” Spearheaded by Manon Gadbois, Faculty Lecturer and Program Coordinator for the French Part-Time Program, the School of Continuing Studies will serve as the project’s coordinating body, as well as providing content.

4. Diversifying Delivery Models

“I’d like to see increased range in our delivery modes. It’s not always convenient to come to McGill for an evening, so we have to adapt the way we deliver our programs to ensure they’re convenient. That includes online programs, hybrid learning, intensive formats… These are some of the things that have come out of who our clientele are and how we can better serve them.”

5. Location, Location, Location

“I’d love to situate the School so that it’s more immediately visible to the community. Having Client Services on the 11th floor inhibits our visibility and is not particularly welcoming. Moving the School to the lower floors of the building would give it a higher profile and provide increased access. Changing that kind of interface with the community is something I’d really like to see.”

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