Student Profile: Enji Gowayed

2014-2015 Issue 1

EnjiGEnji Gowayed just completed the Graduate Diploma in Internet Business Technology at the McGill School of Continuing Studies, and as a result her vision of the future is focused on her career. Classes finished in December and she’s now eyeing one of Canada’s hottest jobs: mobile application developer. IT World Canada ranked it first among the field’s hot positions, with 50,000 new jobs expected to be created in the next four years.

It’s a world away from her previous job, which was teaching at the Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Egypt. The recipient of a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Gowayed immigrated to Montreal with her husband and was actively seeking a career change. “A friend of mine was doing a fellowship at McGill, and he recommended their courses.”

Gowayed chose to enroll in Internet Business Technology, which combines business courses and web theory. “The program touches on the technical and business parts of the industry, so you get a feeling for both,” says Gowayed. “The course material is very up-to-date, and the teachers all work in the industry, so they have practical experience and real-life examples.” One of the program’s pre-requisites was an introductory programming course, where she discovered a love of programming.

“The Programming Techniques course was really good. I liked it, so I took an extra course, Programming Techniques 2. It provided me with a solid understanding of object-oriented programming that I could build on.”

Despite no prior programming experience, she continued developing her skills and managed to write applications that worked on a mobile phone. Soon, she was working part-time creating mobile applications, first in Android, and then for iOS operating systems. “One of the apps my team and I wrote was a picture-sharing app called XLScreen; we put it on the market for a while to test it out. Now we’ve renamed it ShowOff, and I’m working on giving it a new skin. It’s almost done and it’ll be available really soon.”

As will she; Gowayed is actively searching for new job opportunities. “I’m getting a lot of responses, and I already have some interviews. McGill’s name really shines on my resume.” Her top choices for potential employers include local firms such as 4C Media, Samsao and Valnet, as well as iBwave and Cisco, two international companies with offices in Montreal. “I need to explore what’s out there,” says Gowayed. “My vision for the future is a fantastic

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