Immigration and Professional Transitions: New Year, New Start

2013-2014 Issue 2


Have you made your new year’s resolution yet?

The month of January is a fresh start. It’s a chance to consider the possibilities of the blank calendar in front of us and make plans for the future.

For those who’ve come to Canada seeking new opportunities, it’s the perfect time to think about what you want to accomplish in the year ahead. Take the time to focus on yourself and ask some questions. What are my goals? Where do I see myself at this time next year, and how will I get there?

You may have gotten ideas from our past posts, which have focused on immigration and professional transitions. If you’re motivated to make a change, now’s the time to decide how you’re going to make it happen.

I want to start off on the right foot

Eager to join the Quebec job market? A professional can help you stay on track. Maia Korotkina, Career and Transition Advisor at the McGill School of Continuing Studies, wrote a column on how to plan your employability roadmap. This month she begins a Newcomers Workshop Series, offering expert tips on navigating Quebec’s labour market and Canadian work culture.

“The workshop series is aimed to help you make a smooth transition, clarify your options and increase your confidence,” says Korotkina. “You’ll get customized information and advice, ensure you use your time wisely, and it’s an opportunity to meet other newcomers.”

I want to boost my confidence

Another one of our past columns discussed the importance of language.  Although speaking multiple languages is an asset in Montreal, there are additional benefits to polishing your communication skills, and many ways to do it. Language classes are the traditional way to learn, but those thinking outside the box might want to combine them with other courses.

“If you shy away from speaking in public, a public speaking course will improve your confidence,” says Inna Popova, Associate Director of Professional Development and Corporate Training at McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies. “Expressing your ideas clearly is a critical skill for professionals. Our Effective Public Speaking course has earned consistently rave reviews among students. And for those who wish to improve writing and presentation skills, our intensive Write Better, Speak Better workshop would be ideal.”


I want to unlock my career potential

Then there are those whose goals are focused squarely on advancing their career. Sticking to this resolution doesn’t need to be daunting; you can often take short, part-time classes to earn the local credentials that get results.

The School also offers intensive skill-building professional development certificates. “The advantage of these programs is that they can be completed in a short period of time,” says Popova. “If you’re committed, you could obtain a professional development certificate within a year. Courses are taught by local industry professionals, so you’ll become familiar with industry practices in Quebec and Canada.”

The Professional Development Certificate in Management Consulting is ideal to pair with a business background, Condo Management, offered in French, prepares future property managers, and Digital Communications and Content Management will equip you with skills to manage digital communications and social media on behalf of an organization or a brand.

Project Management and Business Analysis are among our most popular topics,” says Popova. “These courses are for those who either want to enter these fields, or already have experience and wish to enhance their skills. Students can benefit enormously from the guidance of instructors who know the Canadian industry, and having a McGill course on your resume can help open doors.”

No matter what goals you choose to pursue, we wish you a happy and successful year ahead!

The McGill School of Continuing Studies’ Newcomers Workshop Series is offered on Thursday afternoons or Saturday mornings; sessions start January 22 and 24. Click here to register.

Part-time English Language Placement Tests for Summer 2015 take place February 19. Click here to register for a placement test.

Part-time French Language Placement Test for Spring 2015 take place February 18. Click here to register for a placement test.

Our next sessions for the Intensive Language Program begin March 2 for both English and French.

For a full list of professional development courses, workshops and certificates, click here. For a full list of our credit programs, click here.

This article is available in Spanish on Noticias Montreal: Año nuevo, vida nueva

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