Four People to Know from the Class of 2014

2014-2015 Issue 1

Marie Charles
Diploma in Finance
Dean’s Honour List
Winner of the American Express Prize in Management – Finance, awarded on the basis of overall academic performance to the top student graduating with the Diploma in Applied Finance.

“I’m from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with a background in accounting. Haiti is a small country, and I needed to get a global view of finance. When I came to Montreal, I entered the diploma program, and next year I’ll start the Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting. My favourite courses were Business Economics with Ken Matziorinis, and Financial Markets and Institutions with Amr Addas. But I enjoyed myself outside of class too. I met two of my best friends in the course, and I loved the library!

“When I found out I’d won an award I was very surprised, and very proud. I told all my family in Haiti.

“Going back to school is not easy, but it’s worth the effort. I met a lot of people who have families and are working and going to school. Sometimes it seems impossible to continue, but it’s worth the effort, because when you get your diploma you can enter the job market with confidence.”


John Makss Elias
Diploma in Management: General
Winner of the Jacob Jonker Memorial Prize, awarded on the recommendation of the Diploma in Management Program Committee to recognize the academic performance of the top students graduating with the Diploma in Management (General)

“I grew up in Syria, where I earned a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree. I spent several years in Saudi Arabia and the UAE in executive sales and product management before I moved to Canada. I moved here five years ago and was working before I started my diploma. I considered an MBA but that takes longer and the Diploma in Management is similar; the courses cover broad subjects like accounting, finance, management and strategy, so you can work in any department. I learned a lot and I’ll continue taking courses; I’m already thinking about the Graduate Certificate in International Business.

“When I was notified that I’d won an award I didn’t tell my wife for a week, because I wanted to make sure it was correct! I was extremely happy with the news!

“I was impressed with McGill and I highly recommend it. I liked the atmosphere, the instructors are amazing, and people come from all different backgrounds. Continuing education is very important, and it gives you a competitive advantage that any employer would want to have in their company. I’d advise anyone to keep learning.”


Catherine Marie Murphy Haglund
Diploma in Management, major in Health Care Administration
Dean’s Honour List
Winner of the Resolute Forest Products Prize, awarded to a student obtaining the highest academic standing in the Diploma in Management.

“I kind of grew up all over the place, but I consider Montreal my hometown. I did my undergrad at McGill in psychology, and I was working at McGill admissions before enrolling in the diploma program. I was interested in hospital administration and improving care, but I wasn’t ready to do a master’s, so the diploma was a good introduction. I liked that it covered a broad range of topics.  The School has really good teachers, and I made a lot of friends. Now I’ve started my master’s, and next I want to do a postgraduate fellowship.

“I found out I won the Resolute Forest Products Prize when the money showed up in my bank account! It was a good surprise. I’d never been academically minded but I made a conscious effort. It was a wake-up call for what I can do.”

“I was hesitant to begin the program, because I have a family and a full-time job. It was hard, but it was really worth it. Everybody can do it; it just takes motivation.”


Keith Lemoine
Certificate in Human Resources Management
Winner of the Honda Ste-Rose Award, awarded on the basis of overall academic performance to the top student graduating with the Certificate in Human Resources Management

“I’m from Montreal, and I work for the federal government as a call centre agent. They require a university degree or equivalent to apply for other jobs, and there were always positions available in HR. I had fun doing class presentations and made friends at McGill; we still keep in touch.

“Winning a scholarship feels great. I worked hard and always strived to do my best. Still, it came as a surprise!

“To others who are continuing their education, I would tell them to study, and if you get stuck, ask for help. Try to keep in touch with a classmate as they can give you encouragement and feedback. Anyone can learn – strive to achieve your goals, both personal and professional!”

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