Nikoo Taghavi: The Sky’s the Limit

2013-2014 Issue 2

Once Nikoo Taghavi found what she was looking for, she didn’t hesitate. She’ll be among the first to graduate with a Diploma in Integrated Aviation Management from McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies.

“I got exactly what I wanted,” says Nikoo. “It provides an overview of aviation fields and the possibilities of future growth in the industry. I definitely recommend it.”

The Diploma in Integrated Aviation Management is an intensive graduate-level program for candidates who hold an undergraduate degree and have an interest in aviation management. The program content is multi-disciplinary, focusing on aviation management from business, economic, financial, legal and managerial perspectives on both national and international levels.

Originally from Tehran, Iran, Taghavi has spent much of her career in Montreal and previously worked at CAE Inc. (formerly Canadian Aviation Electronics), so she knows the city’s reputation as a global hub for aviation. “Many aviation organizations have head offices in Montreal, so you meet people who are active in the industry. We’ve had top guest speakers from IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and Nav Canada. The networking you can do while you’re at the School, it’s unique.”

She also established connections with her fellow students. Although the intensive six-month program was challenging, she “loved the format. You create a support system. The field is very go-go-go, so it attracts people who are good at multi-tasking and quick on their feet. We helped each other and made friendships that will last forever.”

Now that she’s completed the program, Nikoo aspires to work for “an international organization in law and policy-making or aviation security and safety.” She is currently considering a certificate in aviation law at McGill University’s Institute of Air and Space Law.

“It’s such a dynamic field, with so many interesting and comprehensive topics. If you are passionate about aviation, don’t miss the opportunity to take this program.”

Click for more information on McGill’s School of Continuing Studies’ offerings in Aviation Management.

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