“I Upgraded My Career Opportunities”

2013-2014 Issue 2
Sorana Gyorgy

Sorana Gyorgy

‘Ambitious’ is frequently used to describe those who attend the McGill School of Continuing Studies, and Sorana Gyorgy is no exception. Raised in Romania, where she earned two bachelor’s degrees in economics and physical education, the country’s financial situation had her looking abroad for new career options.

So just how did she end up at McGill?

“McGill was ranked 18th in the world when I applied,” says Sorana. “I wanted to upgrade my career opportunities, so I enrolled in the Diploma in Accounting program.”

The accounting courses were just the start of her McGill experience; she went on to take the TEFaQ (Test d’évaluation de français pour l’accès au Québec) prep course, which she described as “amazing. The instructors are really nice and professional, and the course really prepares you for what you’ll be tested on.” As a result, she received a C1 grade, the second-highest possible score.

Then a friend told her about McGill’s Career Advising and Transition Services. “I knew that eventually my program would end, and I’d need to find a job. I’d heard about the service, but I didn’t know if I was eligible.”

Located on the 11th floor at 688 Sherbrooke St. W, Career Advising and Transition Services’s individual coaching sessions are available to all McGill SCS students and alumni. They also offer job search workshops and networking meet-ups, which are open to everyone.

“I’m an international student, but even if I wasn’t, I knew I still needed advice,” says Sorana. “There’s a lot of people vying for each position, and an international person or recent immigrant may have challenges. Your cultural level, education level and professional level all have to be in line.”

After researching several accounting firms, Sorana accepted an offer from the Assurance Group of PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada. “I did a lot of planning, but it’s thanks to McGill that I have something that resonates with Canadian employers. If I had come to Canada with my Romanian credentials, I would not be able to practice.”

And despite her success, Sorana plans to keep learning. “I want to set my own limitations. I think even when I’m a grandma, I will still be studying. And when I do, it will be through McGill.”

McGill University School of Continuing Studies offers a Newcomers’ Workshop Series, Job Search Series, and weekly networking events to help you with a clear, confident and fulfilling transition into the Quebec labour market. Please visit www.mcgill.ca/scs-career for an outline of upcoming sessions and other activities offered through our Career Advising & Transition Services.

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