Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

2013-2014 Issue 2

Jonathan Serjue didn’t have a specific goal in mind when he enrolled in Launching a New Business, an entrepreneurship course at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies.

He’d heard about the course from a family member, liked the flexible online format, and registered for the Fall 2013 session simply because “the program appealed to my entrepreneurial spirit, and it seemed very interesting.”

Once enrolled, he quickly learned that entrepreneurship requires both passion and hard work. But instructor David Horowitz “was very helpful, responding to questions and teaching the class with enthusiasm.” Serjue was guided through the steps of starting a new venture, such as marketing, finances, and overcoming common issues. “The course definitely gives you a good overview of what needs to be done and how to do it.”

Serjue followed that up with another online program, Accounting for Management, in Winter 2014. Soon after he founded Champs Basketball, offering youth programs and personal skill development training in Montreal’s West Island.


“Growing up, my brother and I didn’t have much opportunity to practice our basketball skills; there was no one to give us the proper fundamentals. And basketball is more than just a game; it’s an avenue for kids and adults to embrace teamwork, leadership, and physical play, and create a positive atmosphere. This is why Champs was developed.”

His website is up, and while Serjue feels he’s “far from where I want to be,” he’s happy with the progress he’s made since completing Launching a New Business. “The online format was good and the course material was easily accessible. I would recommend the course to any individual looking for guidance on starting a business venture.”

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  1. Nadine Forde says:

    Wow! Very inspiring story!