Holding Their Own on the World Stage

2013-2014 Issue 2

Mike Siméon didn’t have to leave his hometown of Montreal to earn international business experience; instead, it came to him.

As a student earning a Diploma in Management at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, Siméon was looking to sharpen his business skills when he discovered the IGC (International Graduate Competition), an annual Montreal case competition that attracts business students from around the world.

“I love graduate case competitions,” says Siméon. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to apply the knowledge we’ve acquired in our program to a real situation. And the best thing about IGC is meeting people from around the world, right here in Montreal.” Of the nine institutions competing in the 2014 edition, only McGill SCS and HEC Montreal represented Canada. The others teams traveled from Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland and the United States.

Gorgana Maric, Alex Haque, Nely Gaulea, Mike Siméon and Vadim Taskaev attend the IGC.

Gordana Maric, Alex Haque, Nely Gaulea, Mike Siméon and Vadim Taskaev attend the IGC.

All spent 48 hours working on the same real-life case, focusing on four functions: corporate finance, innovation management, marketing and social entrepreneurship. The McGill team was strong enough to make it to the second round, with Copenhagen Business School being named the eventual winner.

“One aspect of our team that I felt was very strong was that each function was covered by a student actually working in that area,” says Siméon. His teammates were three fellow SCS students: Nely Gaulea, who recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management; Alex Haque, working towards a Graduate Diploma in Management: Entrepreneurship concentration, and Vadim Taskaev, earning a Graduate Diploma in Accounting. Ph.D. student Gordana Maric served as their coach, instructor Kenneth N. Matziorinis was their mentor, and MACES (McGill Association of Continuing Education Students) supported them as a sponsor.

Despite the stress of working on a tight 48-hour deadline, Siméon says his IGC experience was “amazing. You have to be really creative to come up with successful business solutions.” And his courses at the McGill School of Continuing Studies have been “even more than what I hoped for. The Diploma in Management program is really tailored for aspiring business managers, and all my instructors have extensive business experience. Now I know I have all the tools I need to perform in the corporate world.”

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