In Memoriam: Hervé de Fontenay

2013-2014 Issue 2

“Learning a language is a rich experience. It is an intellectual, social, cultural and human adventure – a voyage of discovery.”

– Hervé de Fontenay

Hervé de Fontenay at the School in 1995

Hervé de Fontenay at the School in 1995

Hervé de Fontenay at the School in 1995[/caption]Hervé de Fontenay, former Director of Language and Intercultural Communication at the School, died peacefully on January 4, 2014, at home surrounded by his family. Born in France, Hervé moved to Montreal at the age of 18. Hervé undertook undergraduate and doctoral studies at Université de Montréal and received a Masters in French Literature at McGill University. Hervé then began his distinguished career at McGill with a position in the Faculty of Arts in 1975.

Hervé began teaching at the Centre for Continuing Education, as the School was formerly known, in 1977, taking on increasing responsibility over the years, and became director of the English and French Languages Programs unit in 2000.

Through his constant dedication to excellence in teaching and leadership, and his innovative approaches in developing the unit, Language and Intercultural Communication blossomed. The unit now offers a wide range of programs to approximately 3700 students from over 100 countries each year.

Hervé was also an accomplished academic and intellectual leader at the School, participating in and presenting at many international conferences. He was the author of numerous essays that reflected his social commitment and love of art, as well as poetry that displayed his insight into humanity.

In order that his contributions and dedication to the School may live on, the “Hervé de Fontenay Memorial Bursary” was established to provide assistance to motivated international students in need of assistance so that they can study English or French at the School. For further information about donations, kindly email

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