Supporting Our Diverse Learners

2011-2012 Issue 2



Welcome to our Spring Convocation issue. As the campus burgeons in a hundred shades of green, we celebrate our learners’ achievements and explore fresh new programs designed to enrich your all-round educational experience. The School of Continuing Studies exists to develop and deliver a wide variety of learning opportunities that meet the needs and interests of our communities. In addition, as we highlight in this issue, the School offers many services designed to support the success of our students.

Gianna Giardino, Senior Manager of Client Services, has done a lot of thinking about what learners and prospective learners want and need. We offer guidance to international students who flock to McGill from around the world, directing them to appropriate language courses, while working professionals who have come to a crossroads in their career path benefit from our staff’s advisory skills.

All in all, we offer a wide range of accessible services – everything from language courses to networking activities to workshops on skills everyone needs, such as writing and time management. Our new fully-equipped active-learning classroom at 688 Sherbrooke Street West advances the learning process by leaps and bounds. No wonder it’s proven to be a huge hit with students and instructors alike. The set-up fosters interactive learning and connectivity, breaking down the barriers between the four walls of the classroom and the wide world of learning.

Montreal’s reputation as a focal point for all sorts of cultural activities is well deserved. The School’s PACE program – Personal and Cultural Enrichment –offers educational experiences in arts and culture, social engagement and life transitions in conjunction with local partners. Topics range from the growing overlap between arts and technology to empowering the sandwich generation – subjects that touch the hearts and minds of our learners.

“McGill’s Got Talent,” an evening of superb singing and dancing, even a kung-fu routine set to music, brought the house down. Organizers credit the students – all from the Intensive English- Language and Culture program – with facing many challenges. Connecting through the arts, music, dance and song provided a common denominator, and fostered the feeling of belonging to the McGill and Montreal communities.

Lifelong learning brings out the (sometimes untapped) talents in each and every one of us. We invite you to join the dance as we explore learning in and beyond the classroom.

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