News Brief 2011-2012 Issue 1

2011-2012 Issue 1
EISPAS participants; photo by Ryan Blau

EISPAS participants; photo by Ryan Blau


Emergency Pediatrics Course Now in French

A recent fruitful collaboration between students in the Translation & Written Communication unit and the Montreal Children’s Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre has produced some pretty impressive dividends that will benefit children across the province. Long available only in English, the Emergency Nurses Association’s Emergency Nursing Pediatrics Course now has complete training materials available in French. The student translators worked closely with nursing professionals at the Montreal Children’s Hospital to render the texts into the province’s official language.

According to Translation & Written Communication Director James Archibald, “Highly worthwhile projects like this allow our students to develop working relationships with real clients that would be impossible to replicate in traditional class-room settings.” To date, over 250 nurses from across Quebec have completed this important course in French.

New SCS Training Project in Saudi Arabia

Earlier this year, Hervé De Fontenay (Director) and Firas Alhafidh (Associate Director) of the Language and Intercultural Communication unit travelled to Saudi Arabia, where they met with officials of the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu in Jubail Industrial City. Due to SCS’s strong background in both second language teaching and connecting with learner communities in other countries, Continuing Studies was awarded a contract to train approximately 1,000 recent high-
school graduates – bound for careers in the petrochemical industry – in English for Specific Purposes (ESP). As part of this impressive effort in the Middle East, SCS has contracted with dozens of English-language trainers from McGill and around the world to live and work onsite. This project is the beginning of a rewarding working relationship, as there are plans to extend this partnership to other projects in the upcoming years.

SCS’s Recent Trip to China Already Showing Results

Many students, professionals and businesspeople are already benefitting from an SCS trip to promote McGill and the School of Continuing Studies among top Chinese universities. In April, Dean Judith Potter, Carmen Sicilia, Director of Career and Professional Development, and Hervé De Fontenay, Director of Language and Intercultural Communication, took a productive trip to China, visiting 10 top universities and meeting with many education leaders and agents. Sicilia says that “it was a great opportunity to create awareness about McGill and to establish partnerships.”

So far, several initiatives are already in place. Representatives from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) have arrived for language programs and professional development in areas such as public relations, accounting, information technology and human resources, while instructors and delegates from Nanjing University of Finance and Economics (NUFE) are currently attending courses in finance, economics, English and French. Further partnerships will be solidified in the coming months.

Making Montreal’s History Come Alive

How has cultural and linguistic diversity shaped our city? The History of Montreal Project – spearheaded in French by the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) and in English by McGill – hopes to find out. According to James Archibald, Director of Translation & Written Communication, this project “will help connect Montrealers to their past and let us better understand this historical meeting place for peoples of many origins, languages and beliefs.” Digging into the rich local history and translating the French version of the project will be the students in the translation Practicum (CCTR 500), under the supervision of Archibald, Heberto Fernández and various course lecturers. Publication is slated for the end of 2013 by Presses de l’Université Laval (PUL).

English Language and Culture

McGill has run the popular English Immersion Summer Program for Asian Students (EISPAS) for the past 17 years. This year, the School of Continuing Studies had the privilege of welcoming 66 students from four of the top Japanese universities to beautiful and exciting Montreal. As well as improving their English language skills, students also learned about Canadian and Quebec culture. During the morning they attended classes and in the afternoon they participated in language work-shops and cultural activities. Native English-speaking monitors accompanied the students on many social and cultural activities at the end of each day and on weekends. Students also took part in popular activities like the Homestay weekend, where they resided with a local English-speaking family.

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