Looking Forward

2013-2014 Issue 1



“University” and “universe” share a common Latin root. Accordingly, today’s university reaches way beyond the so-called ivory tower into the community, the country and the world. Students in the School of Continuing Studies take courses as part of their already complex lives. Many work full-time while juggling professional and personal com mitments. We’re working hard to find new ways to help them access new knowledge and develop skills they want and need.

In this issue, you’ll find several inspiring examples of lives turned around through involvement with the School. Whether it’s as a student (Min Jin), an alumna (Munira Ravji), a donor (Barbara Seal), or a consummate volunteer (Spring 2013 honorary degree recipient Sally Drury McDougall), continuing studies can set you on a life path filled with discoveries.

We’ve achieved a great deal when it comes to our strategic goals of academic leadership, brand awareness and business development, program and service development and delivery, and beneficial social impact. By providing learning opportunities and developing local, national and international awareness of what we offer, we continue to make progress on these and our other goals. Nearly half of the School’s 15,000 students were not born in this country. We are thrilled to welcome the School’s first endowed scholarship, designed to help new Canadians in our undergraduate and professional programs overcome the barriers many face in getting an education and upgrading their skills when they come to this country.

In this issue, you’ll read about the School’s outreach to the McGill/Montreal community and beyond. Many of our new delivery formats, naturally, involve the World Wide Web. Online courses include webinars that bring people information they can apply right away in their work. Beyond our formal academic courses, the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL) and Personal and Cultural Enrichment (PACE) keep coming up with courses that respond to the sheer joy of learning.

We hope you enjoy discovering the many ways we strive to support our students on their path to lifelong learning. In the process, they transform their lives.

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