Dynamic Partnerships Make All The Difference

2010-2011 Issue 2

Welcome to our Partnerships issue, in which we highlight some of the exciting collaborations we currently have under way. By working with numerous McGill faculties and units, as well as with many industry groups and professional associations, we are providing innovative learning opportunities locally, and increasingly reaching new audiences throughout Canada and even internationally.



One of our major new projects takes the renowned expertise of Dr. Alain Brunet, a Faculty of Medicine professor, to a very wide audience. Through the cooperation of several McGill units, we have made Dr. Brunet’s important diagnostic information about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) available online – in an entirely self-guided course – for health-care professionals around the world.

This endeavour is consistent with our plan to deepen connections with McGill’s faculties and other units, as laid out in our Strategic Directions document. As well, through our new Faculty Partnerships and Summer Studies unit we are officially reaching out and exploring new ways to combine McGill’s faculty expertise with our programming and marketing strengths.

To deliver innovative content and broaden our reach over the Internet, we are expanding learning opportunities via a stimulating webinar series in which we have partnered with experts in such areas as strategies for managing corporate risk. We also have a professional development project under way for a Canadian marketing organization to provide advanced online training for their far-flung membership.

A key type of partnership that is very much on our minds these days is philanthropic donations. By donating to one of our three new funding initiatives – advising and career transition services, student financial aid or educational technology – interested individuals and groups can become partners in the high quality of services and support available to our hard-working students and contribute to their ongoing success.

I encourage you to learn more about how we and our partners are promoting learning, supporting students and delivering the expertise and skills that truly transform our university and society for the better. And regarding positive changes, please see the feature article in this issue about new directions for continuing education at McGill.

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