Today’s Aviation Leaders Inspire New Leaders

2013-2014 Issue 1



A nuclear hub of the world’s aviation industry, Montreal attracts the best and brightest minds, ready to share their expertise in aviation management with tomorrow’s leaders. McGill’s School of Continuing Studies has gone to great lengths to assemble a top team of internationally recognized lecturers for its new Diploma in Integrated Aviation Management.

“We want these industry leaders to inspire students to push the boundaries and redefine the future of aviation management,” says Dr. Carmen Sicilia, Director of Career & Professional Development at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies. “Our objective is to educate the next generation of aviation managers for this dynamic industry.”

The diploma will prepare students to enter or advance in the field of aviation management at airlines, airports, aeronautical companies, freight, civil aviation regulatory bodies and government agencies.


Local and international aviation specialists will lead hands-on, interactive courses in airline management, air cargo management, air transportation finance and economics, aviation safety and security management, airport management, aviation law and policy, air navigation services management, change management, and more.

“Their insights will provide learners with a ticket to a world of professional opportunity in the aviation industry,” says Dr. Sicilia. The 10-course program will help students to develop leadership, organizational, problem-solving and decision-making skills to apply on the job. In the integrated aviation management project – the diploma’s capstone course – students will have an opportunity to apply their new found knowledge to a real-case scenario in a virtual environment, using simulation technology.

Students can choose to take an intensive summer program, to be launched in May 2014, or register for courses during the fall and winter terms.


Students will learn to apply classroom theory by interacting and networking with aviation leaders and policy-makers from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA), Airports Council International (ACI), Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO), and more.

New instructors include Guy Brazeau, Director, Consulting, IATA, who has more than 35 years of aviation experience. He has led IATA’s Training and Development Institute and Airport and Regulatory sector. Nathalie Herbelles, Head of Passenger Data and Border Control, IATA, will focus on global aviation security issues.

Three high-profile aerospace lawyers have joined the team: John Saba, Adjunct Professor at McGill’s Institute of Air and Space Law, who has chaired over a dozen IATA conferences worldwide; Francis Schubert, Head, Corporate Development and Deputy CEO, Skyguide, Swiss Air Navigation Services, an expert in the legal aspects of air navigation; and Donald Bunker, Professor at McGill’s Institute of Air and Space Law, who specializes in aircraft financing law.

Martin Griffin, EUROCONTROL’s ICAO representative, will coach students to a soft landing in discussions of air traffic control. Nancy J. Graham, Director of ICAO’s Air Navigation Bureau, who broadening the scope of its safety and efficiency programs, will be a guest lecturer. Yves Dufresne, Vice President of Alliances and Regulatory Affairs at Air Canada, will share his expertise on forging alliances with foreign airlines and domestic regulatory bodies.

With decades of experience, these highly professional instructors will show students how to pull together all of the pieces of aviation management for a solid, secure landing in this dynamic, competitive environment. Their goal is to offer you the world’s most advanced, comprehensive program in the field.

Registration is now open to candidates with an undergraduate degree in any discipline. More at:

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