News Briefs 2011-2012 Issue 2

2011-2012 Issue 2

A Fruitful Trip

Last fall, Kevin Callahan, Program Coordinator of the Intensive English Language and Culture unit, travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he took part in the ICEF Latin America Work shop and promoted the School of Continuing Studies’ English- and French-language programs, as well as special projects like the Intensive Professional Development for English Language Teachers, to universities from across the country.

The Brazilian schools, he says, mirror McGill in their serious approach to the cultural aspects of language. “I met over 30 recruitment agents in two days and got a good sense of where we can recruit students,” Callahan says “There is tremendous potential in the country’s educational market, and it is very important for McGill to have a presence there because Canada is the first choice of Brazilians as a place to study abroad.”

Attracting a Strong and Diverse Student Body

This April for a third straight year, the School of Continuing Studies took part in ICEF’s North American workshop, an event designed to introduce educational institutions to first-rate recruiters from around the world. “We’re interested in recruiting more students from Latin America, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region and India, not just for our language programs, but for our management programs as well,” says Verena Waterstadt, Program Manager for Language and Intercultural Communication. “Recruitment agents facilitate the process of drawing and enrolling students significantly.”

The event also offered the School an opportunity to showcase its campus and professors to the recruitment agents during a Familiarization Tour. “We welcomed the world here, to McGill,” Waterstradt says. “It’s very important to visit the agents, but also to have them visit us.”

Taking Translation Seriously

This winter, the School’s Translation & Written Communication unit partnered with France’s Institut de management et de communication interculturels (ISIT) to host its annual Translation Colloquium, an event that investigates, via a series of talks, some of the most pressing issues professional translators face today.

“The idea behind the colloquium was to look at the basic question of translation policy in both Canada and France,” says James Archibald, T&WC’s Director. To that end, the four-day event, held February 15-16 at ISIT and March 12-13 at McGill, featured presentations from representatives of several organizations, including the Canadian Depository for Securities and TD Canada Trust.

Among the key concepts explored, Archibald explains, was the reality that outsourcing translation – an increasingly common practice among large firms – is a costly and occasionally risky proposition. “If you lose control of translation,” Archibald says, “you lose control of quality and the security of sensitive information.”

Continuing Studies Goes Global

The School of Continuing Studies may be located in Montreal, but it’s exporting its high quality second-language training expertise to locales around the world, including Saudi Arabia.

Last fall, the School launched an exciting new initiative with the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu, in Jubail Industrial City, that will see it provide quality control for the instruction of approximately 1,000 recent high-school graduates in English as they prepare for careers in the petrochemical industry.

“We have 44 instructors that we’ve recruited and trained to live and teach onsite,” says Hervé De Fontenay, Director of the Language and Intercultural Communication unit.

Thus far, De Fontenay, who has visited Jubail twice in the past year, says the program’s progress has met both McGill’s and the Royal Commission’s high expectations. “We hope to continue with this interesting project for the next few years, which allows us not only to expand our expertise but also to learn more about the challenges linked to language instruction in a totally different cultural environment.”

New Associate Dean at the School of Continuing Studies

In Spring 2012, Alfred Jaeger stepped down as Associate Dean (Academic) of the School of Continuing Studies. Taking his place is James Archibald, the School’s current Director of Translation and Written Communication.

Jaeger joined McGill’s School of Continuing Studies in 2006. As a result of his position at the Faculty of Management, he helped strengthen the Faculty’s link with Continuing Studies.

Dr. Jaeger played a key role in refocusing Continuing Studies’ Career and Professional Development unit. Throughout his mandate at the School, Alfred has ensured that key issues for the School’s growth such as the quality and recognition of excellence in teaching, an increased openness to internationalization and the need for enhanced student and client services remain in the forefront.

But above all, Archibald says, “Jaeger taught us to be sensitive to students’ needs, to listen and to understand their role, as well as ours, in building a stronger institution.”

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