From 688 Sherbrooke st. West to the United Nations

2010-2011 Issue 1

Serving a Communications Internship at the Mission of Canada

New York City, September 2010: As I stood in line waiting to get my official United Nations pass, I couldn’t stop wondering about the journey ahead. What’s in store for me as I become an official member of the UN community for the rest of this year? There are so many crucial issues on the UN’s agenda: world peace and security, third-world development, human rights, humanitarian affairs and international law; and so many on Canada’s agenda: Millennium Development Goals Summit, General Assembly, Biodiversity Summit, and the Security Council vote.

How did I get here? Since graduating with a B.A. in Communications in 2008, I have worked full time as a communication coordinator for a law organization. In the evenings, McGill CCE has been an important
destination as I pursue graduate studies. On the Department of Foreign Affairs’ website I learned about an internship at the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations. Instantly, I knew I would apply for
that highly coveted position.

After seeing the posting, I decided to switch programs from a Graduate Diploma in Management with Entrepreneurship Concentration to a Public Relations Concentration. The Public Relations courses I’ve taken in this program have given me a solid understanding of media and press relations, and have also helped me put these concepts into practice, which has been excellent preparation for my UN duties.

Outside of CCE, I worked hard to polish my resumé in accordance with the internship’s requirements. My plan was to win the posting and start it in the fall session, as it’s the most interesting time of the year at the
UN. Planning ahead, I also want to tailor my work experience so that I can apply for an MBA once I complete my CCE diploma.

Although this exhilarating experience does not count for credits in my program, I strongly believe it will be exceedingly valuable in my personal and professional lives. Working for the world’s largest multilateral organization is a rare experience and it will surely deepen my knowledge of international affairs.

My thoughts return to my new UN pass and the worlds it will open for me. As well as working full time at the Mission of Canada, I will be participating in as many UN events as possible. And of course New York is a fabulous city, so its many charms and thrilling shows beckon. These will be four very action packed months!

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