McGill CCE Research Highlight

2010-2011 Issue 1

Did you know that our students are “driven, confident, fun and smart”?  We’ve known that all along, but it’s nice to see it officially in the key findings of a recent report on McGill CCE. Other interesting information, gathered by an independent research firm, is presented below.

Overall, students are satisfied with most aspects of their CCE experience, giving us a mark of 80/100, and 90% of those surveyed said they would recommend CCE to others. More than half said it would benefit their careers.

On the demographic front, 75% of students reside in the Montreal area. On average they are in their early to mid-30s (low 70s for McGill Institute for Learning in Retirement [MILR] students). Women outnumber men, and 25% (37% for MILR) of CCE students are graduates of McGill.  The main reason students come to CCE is for its international reach and excellence. As well, CCE is recognized as having practical and credit course offerings, as well as rigorous standards. Most students choose CCE for specific programs and courses (27%) and McGill’s reputation (25%). Our location and recommendations from friends and colleagues also ranked high among respondents.

Based on the research findings, CCE then worked with orangetango, a Montreal design agency, to create a new visual identity and an advertising campaign. The theme of the campaign is “For What You’ve Got in Mind,” which directly responds to students’ needs.  A sample ad appears on this page.

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