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McGill University’s Institute for the Study of international development recently launched its latest flagship initiative, The Global Development Think Tank Watch. The web-based platform reflects ISID’s renewed commitment to building bridges between McGill and the international development community through its unique focus on multidisciplinary research that is intended to contribute directly to better evidence based development policies and practices.

ISID 2The Global Development Think TankWatch is an online tool intended to draw on current, high profile policy research contributions from think tanks, universities, policy institutes and international development organizations. It is a thought leadership initiative designed to support knowledge sharing and evidence based decision making by offering new and contrasting insights drawn from cutting edge academic research from all around the globe on today’s most important policy issues.

Each issue will be dedicated to asingle thematic issue area to be defined through a dialogue between academic researchers and the policy-making community. It will consist of two articles presenting opposing positions on the theme in order to allow readers to make their own decision in an informed way. The articles will synthesize currentresearch from the perspective of what we need to think about today in order to achieve our goals in the future. In this way, we hope to create a new nexusbetween research, policy and practice by disseminating the latest development research in a practical way that is in tune with the priorities of the development community.

Lastly, On behalf of McGill University’s Institute for the Study of International Development, we would like to thank Joey Adler for her generous donation, support and vision. With her support, the Think TankWatch developed from an idea into a flagship initiative of the Institute. Her contribution makes it possible for ISID to position itself as a leader in helping bridge the worlds of policy, research and practice.

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