The Save a Seat Campaign

The Faculty of Arts newsletter

At the very heart of McGill University, nestled in the Arts Building, is Moyse Hall, a 306-seat traditional proscenium stage theatre. Named a historical site by the Montreal Historical Society, Moyse Hall is indeed a theatre with a cherished past.

In 1925, when the Arts Building underwent extensive renovation and expansion, a gift from the late Right Honourable Lord Atholstan allowed for the construction of the Hall in honour of the Dean of Arts, Charles E. Moyse. The illustrious theatre features a large stage equipped with a fully-functioning fly house, a sophisticated light and sound system, a backstage set-building workshop and a separate costume shop below it. Adorning the ceilings are 10 elegant bronze chandeliers and colorful bas-reliefs, making a dramatic impression on all its visitors. Moyse Hall is both a lecture hall and rental facility, and sees students from the English department’s Drama and Theatre program sharing the space with student productions and local theatre companies throughout the year. Over 320 days of the year, to be precise—and the wear and tear is beginning to show. Like most theatres, Moyse Hall runs on a modest operating budget, and the last renovations were done almost twenty years ago.

This is why the Faculty of Arts is launching an exciting new Save a Seat Campaign to help support the refurbishment of the theatre, ensuring this beautiful space continues to be used and enjoyed for generations to come. Patrons who give leadership gifts of $750 and above will have their names commemorated in Moyse Hall, but any contribution is welcome. To learn more about making a gift, contact Joanna Gottlieb at 514-398-7204 or

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