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Cundill Prize 2013

It has been an eventful year for McGill’s Faculty of Arts and as Dean it is only natural to reflect on some of our highlights and the exciting plans ahead of us. And we have a lot to look forward to in 2014!

Looking back, one of the most memorable moments of 2013 was presenting author Anne Applebaum with the Cundill Prize in Historical Literature at McGill University for her engaging book, Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956. Over the course of several months, an independent jury reviewed an impressive 116 submissions from around the world—no easy feat and one that required hours of careful deliberation. I can say that six years into the Prize, it still gives me enormous pleasure to see the caliber of work that passes before the Cundill selection committee and already I’m anticipating more great reads for this year.

Participating in an event that celebrates the importance of history, I was also reminded of the people I meet every day in the Faculty of Arts who are doing their bit, big or small to be a part of it. From our specially trained students who serve as peer advisors to the over 2,000 new Arts students each year to the hard-working team at Indigenous Access McGill, who has been recruiting and supporting McGill’s community of First Nations and Inuit students since 2007. It is because of our great Faculty that I am reminded every day: It stARTS with ARTS!

Showcasing the many achievements of our students, staff and alumni will be just one of my missions on my upcoming trip this spring to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where I’ll be representing McGill at the International Exhibition and Conference on Higher Education. I feel privileged to take part in such a global event, and proud to share the range of activities that make my job both challenging and rewarding.

I hope these stories inspire you and your fellow graduates to support today’s students as we look forward to another exciting year.

Christopher P. Manfredi
Dean, Faculty of Arts

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