Heroes of Science Fund

You are a Hero of Science!

You use your McGill Science education—whether in a conventional fashion, or in your very own way – and you give back generously, making it possible for us to do more for today’s students. Thank you! Your loyal support adds muscle to everything we do.

This year we will look to the Heroes of Science Fund to ramp up these vital activities:

Advising undergraduate students: Our departments have fine advisors, but more than half of Science undergraduate students have not yet chosen their majors, while others are changing course. We must train and provide more Faculty with advisors to help students understand all of their options, and avoid dead ends. This is priority one for 2014-2015.

Enabling more undergraduates to do research: Hands-on research experience brings science alive like nothing else can. With your help, our undergraduate research activities will be able to showcase more opportunities and provide special advising for more beginning researchers than ever before.

By contributing generously to our Heroes of Science Fund, you can help today’s Science students obtain an unrivalled educational experience and jumpstart their futures by gaining exposure to hands on training.

I urge you to make your gift today. The more you give, the more we can do for our students.  The result is a transformative educational experience that delivers engaged, enthusiastic science graduates who can participate in shaping the future.

On behalf of all Faculty of Science members, I send you my heartfelt thanks.

Sincerely yours,

Grant sig

Professor Martin Grant
Former Dean of Science