New life for old eclipse glasses

In the Community

Some 3,000 people packed into Lower Campus to watch the Moon pass between the Sun and the Earth on August 21, 2017. North America won’t see another total solar eclipse until April 8, 2024, but your ISO-certified eclipse glasses need not gather dust until then: AstroMcGill is collecting the used specs for schoolchildren in developing countries.

Thousands gather on lower campus to take in solar eclipse

Around Campus

At a time when most mass gatherings seem to degenerate into ugliness and violence, several thousand people on Lower Campus – and millions around the world – spent the afternoon basking in the glory of the sun.

Huge crowd expected on Lower Campus for solar eclipse

Around Campus

A partial solar eclipse will be viewable from Montreal on August 21. AstroMcGill will hold an eclipse-watching party on the Lower Field of the McGill Campus. Special solar telescopes will be available to observe the sun, free eclipse glasses as well as a live stream of the total eclipse.