McGill law student gets to shadow Prime Minister Trudeau for a day

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Job shadowing opportunities don’t get much more unique than Breanne Lavallée-Heckert’s day on Parliament Hill. The second-year McGill law student got to spend October 5 with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as he went about his duties.

Joëlle Pineau to head new Facebook AI (FAIR) lab in Montreal

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Professor Joëlle Pineau of Computer Science is taking charge of the first Facebook Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab in Canada, the second Facebook AI lab outside of the U.S. Pineau is a leading AI researcher at McGill where she co-directs the Reasoning and Learning Lab, and will stay on staff at McGill.

Justin Trudeau: Now the hard part begins

Four Burning Questions

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his new Liberal government have enjoyed a significant honeymoon with Canadian voters in their first 100 days since winning last October’s general election. But, as McGill’s Political Science Professor Antonia Maioni observes in Four Burning Questions, now the hard part begins.

Trudeau sworn in; McGill trio named to Cabinet


It was appropriate that the sun was shinning down on Rideau Hall as Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister. Trudeau – the third McGill alumni – to be elected to the country’s highest office, won the lengthy election campaign largely by focusing on optimism and positivism.

Twenty-five McGillians off to Parliament


In Monday’s historic election, no fewer than 25 McGillians were voted into office, including Justin Trudeau (BA’94), Canada’s prime minister designate. Find out who got elected and who didn’t.

25 députés diplômés de McGill, dont le premier ministre élu

McGill dans la ville

Parmi les 338 députés élus lors de l’élection fédérale de lundi, 25 ont étudié à McGill, dont le premier ministre élu, Justin Trudeau, et onze autres députés de la grande région de Montréal.

Justin Trudeau: From McGill to 24 Sussex


In the end, Justin Trudeau, the man Conservatives tried to brand as ‘just not ready’ to be prime minister, turned out to be, in the eyes of Canadian voters, just the right man for the job. With Trudeau at the helm, the Liberal Party of Canada completed a stunning reversal of fortune last night to become the first ‘third party’ in Canadian history to win a federal election.