Jatinder Mann on the search for a new national identity

Four Burning Questions

On June 8, the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada will host Jatinder Mann for a presentation of his new book, The Search for a New National Identity: The Rise of Multiculturalism in Canada and Australia, 1890s-1970s

Lily Cho on the Chinese immigration experience

Four Burning Questions

In advance of her March 16 lecture, Lily Cho spoke to the Reporter about everything from the Chinese diaspora and the negative impact of the Chinese Head Tax, to the unifying influence of Chinese restaurants.

Refugees face new challenges in Canada


Changing homes is stressful, even if you are just moving across the street. Moving to a new country, with the added bureaucratic and logistical headaches, only adds to the anxiety. This is especially true for refugees, many of whom are fleeing war-torn countries where they have been victims of violence or have witnessed war atrocities firsthand.