Poli Sci student honoured by Muhammed Ali Center


Hannah Taylor will receive a Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award for her work with homeless people in Canada

McGill students raise $17,000 for the homeless

In the Community

Alex Grassby must have a different definition of the word “lucky” than most people. Case in point: “We were lucky,” she says of her and her fellow McGill students who, over the course of five days last week, lived on campus, entirely outside, braving everything from rain and snow to sleet and hail. “Very lucky.”

Hannah Taylor: Wrong turn sets her on the right path


A mother driving with her five-year-old daughter in the backseat takes a wrong turn and ends up in a dark back alley, forever altering the young girl’s life. It sounds like the ominous beginning of dramatic film but quite the opposite is true – this is a real-life story about a little girl whose unwavering compassion for human beings serves as an inspiration to us all.