Ten researchers and scholars named as Royal Society of Canada Fellows


Today, the Royal Society of Canada announced the induction of 89 new Fellows, ten of which are McGill researchers and scholars. They join the more than 160 McGill-affiliated Fellows inducted to the Society since 1966.

From backyard pool chemical to nanomaterial


McGill researchers have now discovered that Cyanuric acid, commonly used to stabilize chlorine in backyard pools, can also be used to coax DNA into forming a brand new structure. Instead of forming the familiar double helix, DNA’s nucleobases – which normally form rungs in the DNA ladder – associate with cyanuric acid molecules to form a triple helix.

A better way to build DNA scaffolds


A new technique to create long strands of DNA could make it more economical to assemble DNA nanostructures for applications such as smart drug-delivery systems, according to a research team led by McGill Chemistry professor Hanadi Sleiman.