The neuroscience of HIV

Entre Nous

On World AIDS Day, Dr. Lesley Fellows discusses Positive Brain Health Now, a major study to better understand the effects of HIV infection on brain health.

Lessons from the battlefield


Dr. Andrew Neil Beckett, a Canadian Armed Forces Major and combat surgeon brings his experience and expertise to the MUHC’s Trauma Centre.

From embryos to stem cells to personalized medicine

Entre Nous

Dr. Janet Rossant, world-renowned expert in developmental biology, discusses the future of stem cell research.

Graham Abbey on the Bard and Brussels sprouts

Four Burning Questions

Prior to delivering the annual Shakespeare Lecture on Nov. 15, Canadian actor Graham Abbey talked to the Reporter about the power of Shakespeare and the importance of finding a healthy work-life balance.

In conversation with Margaret Atwood

Entre Nous

In anticipation of her sold-out Beatty Memorial Lecture on Oct. 27, legendary novelist Margaret Atwood spoke with the McGill Reporter about the bird population crisis, cats and her new comic book series.

Trudeaumania: The rise to power of Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Four Burning Questions

In advance of his Oct. 28 discussion of Pierre Trudeau, author Robert Wright spoke to the McGill Reporter about the Trudeau “the visionary” and compares his rise power to Justin Trudeau’s victory in the 2015 federal election.

“Together, we can stop HIV and AIDS,” says incoming Osler lecturer

Entre Nous

In advance of his Osler Lecture on Oct. 26, renowned HIV/AIDS expert, Dr. Julio Montaner tells the McGill Reporter that an AIDS-free world is possible by the year 2030 and discusses what ordinary Canadians can do to fight the global pandemic.

Joel Achenbach on science and pseudoscience

Four Burning Questions

“The Internet channels people into echo chambers,” says the Washington Post’s Joel Achenbach in advance of his Trottier Symposium lecture. “You can find affirmation of your beliefs no matter however ridiculous they may be.”

Science should be “core literacy for everyone,” says Trottier speaker

Entre Nous

“I think we all need to understand what makes good evidence good – how to get it and where to find it,” says Trevor Butterworth, Director of Sense About Science USA, leading up to his Trottier Symposium lecture. “This has to be a core literacy for everyone.”

In conversation with Julia Belluz

Four Burning Questions

Leading up to her Trottier Symposium lecture on Oct. 17, award-winning journalist Julia Belluz spoke with the McGill Reporter about the challenges of being a science journalist and what she calls “the backlash against science and evidence-informed thinking.”