A new blueprint for architecture at McGill


On Sept. 26, Peter Fu, DipMinHous’91, returned to his alma mater to announce a landmark $12-million gift to the School of Architecture. It is a gift that will transform the lives of many architecture students, much like his own path was changed upon his arrival at McGill as a graduate student in 1990. It was Fu’s first time out of China, he didn’t know the language, and he was travelling to a city where he knew no one. “I was very nervous and I kept thinking, if no one picks me up, what will I do?” recalls Fu.

George Colpitts examines fur trader stories in upcoming Eakin Lecture

Entre Nous

Prior to his Fall Eakin Lecture on Oct. 5, George Colpitts, an environmental historian from the University of Calgary, spoke with the Reporter about the historical importance of fur trade journals.

Dr. Steven Skates on ovarian cancer screening

Entre Nous

Dr. Steven Skates is an Associate Professor at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School where he is an early detection investigator. Ahead of his Oct. 3 lecture, Mortality analyses in the UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS), Dr. Skates spoke to the McGill Reporter about his work.

Reverend John Weir Foote: The hero of the Dieppe Raid


August 19 marks the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid, a pivotal moment in the Second World War. John Weir Foote, a former McGill student, became a legend that day, saving dozens of wounded soldiers in the face or murderous enemy fire.

Helping grad students go the extra mile


Faith and Kendall Wallis, both double McGill alumni who have spent their working lives at the University, give back through the creation of the History and Classical Studies Graduate Excellence Fund.

Unsung hero of Dunkirk evacuation a former McGill student


A block buster film about the evacuation from the beach at Dunkirk doesn’t mention one of the most heroic naval officers there – a McGill engineering student from Pointe-Claire named James Campbell Clouston. Clouston played a key role in the evacuation of the beach and is credited with saving hundreds of thousands of lives. But his name is not generally known to McGillians or the world.

Digging into data: Toward a new understanding of the Arts

Entre Nous

A conversation with Professor Andrew Piper about why data science is such a valuable tool for greater understanding in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Martha Crago comes home to McGill as VP, Research and Innovation

Entre Nous

Prof. Martha Crago began her term as Vice-Principal, Research and Innovation, on July 1. Prof. Crago is certainly no stranger to McGill. She completed her bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees at McGill, worked as a professor in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders and was Dean of Graduate Studies, as well as the Associate Provost (Academic Programs). The Reporter sat down with Prof. Crago to talk about fundamental research in Canada, her vision for McGill, as well as what it feels like to “come home” to the University she loves.

Thomas Roddick, antisepsis and the birth of modern surgery at McGill


Dr. Thomas Roddick (1846-1923) is probably best known around McGill as the name behind the Roddick Gates, which his wife donated after his death. Perhaps less well known is that the former Dean of Medicine was the surgeon who brought antiseptic practices to Canada.

Rachel Harding on demolishing barriers to medical breakthrough

Four Burning Questions

Medical research is time-consuming and expensive. There is a tendency to guard results and the credit that comes with it. But more and more researchers are looking at the idea of scientific protectionism with a fresh perspective, reappraising the worth of siloing discovery, and recognizing the harm it can cause.