Alive thanks to teamwork and innovative research


Serges Bériault’s life changed in 2012, when he was diagnosed with a bile duct cancer of the liver. The father of two children and active professional finishing an MBA never thought an army of specialists at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) would get him through a complex and innovative research protocol that saved his life.

In conversation with Melissa Aronczyk

Four Burning Questions

In advance of her lecture as part of the upcoming conference, Canada on the Global Stage, Melissa Aronczyk, author and Rutgers communications professor discusses the importance of national identity for countries and their citizens with the Reporter.

UN Secretary-General to visit McGill


On Friday, February 12, 2016, His Excellency Ban Ki-moon will be on the downtown campus to speak with students about “Threats and Opportunities: The Power of Young People to Shape a New Future.” The talk will be part of the United Nations Secretary-General’s three-day visit to Canada, which will include meetings with the prime minister, the Quebec premier and the mayor of Montreal.

Heart attack: Gender helps predict outcomes


RI-MUHC researchers find that gender role is more important than biological sex in predicting health outcomes after heart attack

Whither Canada: In conversation with ex-diplomat, Colin Robertson

Entre Nous

In advance of his lecture at the upcoming conference, Canada on the Global Stage, hosted by the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada on Feb. 11-12, former diplomat Colin Robertson spoke to the Reporter about Canada’s place in the world, the primary challenges the country must tackle in the next five years, and the changing face of the diplomatic corps.

Refugees face new challenges in Canada


Changing homes is stressful, even if you are just moving across the street. Moving to a new country, with the added bureaucratic and logistical headaches, only adds to the anxiety. This is especially true for refugees, many of whom are fleeing war-torn countries where they have been victims of violence or have witnessed war atrocities firsthand.

Mac women cut competition down to size


They came, they sawed, they conquered. McGill’s Women’s 1 Woodsmen team took top spot at the 56th annual Macdonald College Woodsmen Competition, this past Saturday. Our men had a strong showing as well, finishing third overall.

The last Straw

Four Burning Questions

Will Straw will bid farewell to his post as Director for the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada in August after five years at the helm. In an interview with the Reporter, Straw looks back at MISC’s last five years and ahead to what the future holds for him.

Justin Trudeau: Now the hard part begins

Four Burning Questions

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his new Liberal government have enjoyed a significant honeymoon with Canadian voters in their first 100 days since winning last October’s general election. But, as McGill’s Political Science Professor Antonia Maioni observes in Four Burning Questions, now the hard part begins.

Funny business


Louise Richer needs a new dress. But it’s not to wear at her upcoming MBA convocation ceremony – it’s to receive the Order of Canada.