McGill had prepared for more Quebec budget cuts, Fortier tells Senate


Because McGill had already anticipated another round of funding cuts from the Quebec government, the University is well placed to weather this next round of spending reductions, Principal Suzanne Fortier told Senate Wednesday afternoon.

Construction project launched at Schulich Library


Construction begins in earnest today at the Macdonald-Stewart Library Building on the downtown campus, home of the Schulich Library of Science and Engineering. Scaffolding will be erected around the building as stonemasons examine the 120-year-old, late-Victorian gem from inside and out to determine the degree to which its old stone has deteriorated.

Allan Downey: Using lacrosse to teach, inspire and heal


People often say sports can forge character. But for Allan Downey of the Nak’azdli First Nation and a newly hired academic associate in Indigenous Studies at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, it goes even deeper than that. “Lacrosse was my gateway,” he says. “It was my bridge to an education. It’s unbelievable to me the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met and the communities I’ve been welcomed to all because of this game, because of this stick.”

Reducing water scarcity possible by 2050

Research and Discovery

Increased water-recycling and improved irrigation techniques are among six strategies identified as key to successfully reducing global water scarcity.

Welence wondrous as baseball Redmen double Carabins, extend win streak to five


Tyler Welence of Ridgewood, N.J., continued his torrid pace and collected three hits and as many runs batted in as the McGill men’s baseball team doubled the Montreal Carabins 4-2 at Gary Carter Field in Trudeau Park, Wednesday.

Four Burning Questions for Audra Simpson, professor of Anthropology at Columbia University

Four Burning Questions

As part of McGill’s first Aboriginal Homecoming event on Sept. 18, Audra Simpson, a McGill alumna who is an associate professor of Anthropology at Columbia University, will deliver the keynote address. In advance of the event, Professor Simpson took the time to speak with the Reporter about the significance of McGill as a training ground for scholarship and engaged political life.

Walking fish reveal how our ancestors evolved onto land

Research and Discovery

Researchers at McGill turned to a living fish, called Polypterus, to help show what might have happened when fish first attempted to walk out of the water some 400 million years ago.

SSMU President saw need for woman in election


That a McGill student is motivated by the prospect of learning isn’t really news. The interesting part is seeing where that motivation takes each individual. Take the case of Courtney Ayukawa. If you had told her a few years ago that one day she would be active in student politics, she would have laughed. Today, Ayukawa President of the Students’ Society of McGill University

Berk is new Ombudsperson for Students


Chemical Engineering Professor Dimitrios Berk’s main area of research has to do with catalysts – chemicals or materials that help make something happen. In his new role as McGill’s Ombudsperson for Students, which began on Sept. 2, Berk will himself be acting as a sort of catalyst – trying to help make something happen in terms of solving a student’s problem with the University.

Leaving university stresses students more than starting it, Dean of Students says

Entre Nous

It’s a busy time of the year for Dean of Students Andre Costopoulos, who is also a Professor of Anthropology, as students flood back for another fall term. Dean Costopoulos found a few minutes to sit down with The Reporter to discuss his role as Dean and a wide variety of issues confronting students and administrators, including sexual assault, drugs and alcohol, student discipline and the changing relationship parents have with the University.