From the halls of McGill to Mayor of Yellowknife

Four Burning Questions

McGill grad, Mark Heyck is the Mayor of Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories. Prior to his appearance at the upcoming MISC conference, The Cities We Need, Heyck spoke to the Reporter about his journey from from the halls of McGill to the Mayor’s office; and about life in the Northwest Territories.

Blame it on your brain: Salt and hypertension

Research and Discovery

An international research team led by scientists at McGill has found that excessive salt intake “reprograms” the brain, interfering with a natural safety mechanism that normally prevents the body’s arterial blood pressure from rising. While the link between salt and hypertension is well known, scientists until now haven’t understood how high salt intake increased blood pressure.

Is it possible to reset our biological clocks?


Imagine being able to easily get over all of the discomfort and problems of jet lag or night-shift work. Science is not quite there, but recent work by researchers from McGill and the Douglas Mental Health University Institute has opened new therapeutic avenues for improving the synchronization of the body’s different biological clocks.

The secret of empathy

Research and Discovery

The ability to express empathy – the capacity to share and feel another’s emotions – is limited by the stress of being around strangers, according to a new study led by psychology professor Jeffrey Mogil.

She likes the nightlife

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Andreina Seijas is an urban night researcher looking at what cities in Latin America and the Caribbean can do to promote their night-time economies and to create quality spaces for work and leisure after hours.

Music cuts across cultures

Research and Discovery

Whether you are a Pygmy in the Congolese rainforest or a hipster in downtown Montreal, certain aspects of music will touch you in exactly the same ways. Researchers have found that although the groups felt quite differently about whether specific pieces of music made them feel good or bad, their subjective and physiological responses to how exciting or calming they found the music to be appeared to be universal.

Will Straw on building better cities

Four Burning Questions

Will Straw, MISC Director, gives a preview of the upcoming MISC conference, The Cities We Need (FEb. 19-20).

From Miss Edgar’s and Miss Cramp’s to the chronicles of Kahnawake


McGill grad, Cynthia Knight is the head writer and one of the executive producers of Mohawk Girls, a new television series on APTN and OMNI that follows the lives of four twenty-something Mohawk women trying to find their place in the world.

Tracking down the origins of the Ebola outbreak

Entre Nous

Jan Gogarten, a doctoral student in Biology and Vanier graduate scholar at McGill, speaks to the Reporter about his experience as a member of a large international interdisciplinary team that worked on study suggesting the possible source of the recent Ebola outbreak.

You can maintain a healthy weight and still eat, drink and be merry during the holidays


The holiday season is a great time for getting together with friends and indulging in bigger and more elaborate meals. But overdoing it isn’t wise, either; there’s no sense in ending up with Santa’s waistline. That’s why Patricia Urrico, a nutritionist at the Jewish General Hospital, has some tips for enjoying the celebrations and avoiding the post-New Year’s weight-gain blues.