Pierre-Paul Tellier honoured for tireless volunteer work at Head & Hands

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Recently Centraide handed out 14 Solidaires awards to honour the efforts of companies, community agencies and volunteers who, through their involvement, alleviate the effects of poverty and exclusion in Greater Montreal and improve the lives of the most vulnerable. These awards were presented at Distinctions, a recognition event held at the Montreal Science Centre in the presence of some 300 guests. The winner of the Solidaires Citizen Involvement award for 2014 was Pierre-Paul Tellier, Director of Student Health at McGill.

Making the world a better place – in just three minutes

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The third edition of 3 Minutes to Change the World, held on March 31, featured 12 graduate students from diverse disciplines describing their research and its significance to a non-specialist audience. Research subjects ranged from developing interventions in cyberbullying; reducing instances of deafness in children undergoing chemotherapy; and the creation of a new injectable spinal fluid that would increase recovery rates for patients suffering from trauma induced paralysis.

Fortier to Montreal: let’s work together

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Principal and Vice-Chancellor Suzanne Fortier confirmed Friday McGill’s interest in developing the soon-to-be-vacant Royal Victoria Hospital campus as an urban project that would benefit not only McGill but Montreal. In her first major speech to an external community since becoming Principal last fall, Prof. Fortier told about 500 people at a Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (Chambre de Commerce) luncheon that McGill wants to be a better partner with the community and its various elements.

McGill awarded eight new Canada Research Chairs

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Eight of McGill’s top researchers have been awarded Canada Research Chairs, Minister of State (Science and Technology) Ed Holder announced on March 28. Four CRCs have also been renewed, bringing a total of over $11 million to the university in additional funding for research over the next five to seven years.

Victor Fournelle-Blain wins coveted Golden Violin Competition

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Organizers of the eighth annual Golden Violin Competition added an exciting new wrinkle to this year’s proceedings by having the four finalists perform in a decisive public recital on March 15, in order to determine the winner. When the applause had died down in Tanna Schulich Hall, Jury chair Prof. Douglas McNabney announced Victor Fournelle-Blain as winner of the $25,000 prize – the largest of its kind for a music student in Canada.

Bravo! McGill celebrates top researchers

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On March 13, McGill honoured over 50 winners of major provincial, national and international prizes and awards at a public gala – an event known as Bravo – at the Omni Hotel in Montreal. The annual celebration of excellence in research and scholarship recognizes University researchers from across a full range of disciplines, who received notable prizes and awards during the previous year.

March 18: Large-scale test of McGill’s emergency communications tools

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McGill has built up a wide range of communications tools to help keep you safe in an emergency. On Mar. 18, McGill’s emergency notification tools will be tested. Read on for more information on how these tests may affect you.

McGill grad Babcock shows his alma maters as Canada strikes Olympic gold, again

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Mike Babcock stuck with tradition and opted to wear his lucky McGill tie as Canada completed their golden Olympic odyssey, blanking Sweden 3-0 Sunday, to capture the admiration of a nation after winning the men’s hockey tournament before a world-wide audience.

Student group supports innovative development of Montreal

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Created in February 2013, the McGill QI Student Working Group, currently composed of 15 students, was started to support McGill’s participation in the Quartier de l’innovation, by providing a platform for the larger McGill student body to discuss and work on concrete initiatives of innovation. The group meets every month to discuss the evolution of the project and address opportunities for funding, participation in QI projects and creative ways to involve students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation in Montreal.

Helmets at the Sochi Olympics: The science of safety

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Helmets are perhaps the most important accessory among most athletes at the Sochi Winter Olympics. In recent days, a lot of focus has turned to the artistry on display on the helmets of the skeleton athletes, who – like today’s hockey goalies – adorn their headgear with a wide range of images, from stylized flags and patriotic images, to animal prints and, of course, a fair number of skulls. But all this attention on what goes on a helmet takes away from its most important function; protecting what goes in it, says biomechanics researcher David Pearsall.