Hundreds gather at Mac Campus to remember

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Yesterday, hundreds of people came to Macdonald Campus to honour Canadian veterans.

2016 Centraide campaign kicks off


The sunshine didn’t stop thousands of Montrealers from breaking out the umbrellas on Thursday, September 29 for the joyously noisy kickoff to the city’s annual Centraide campaign – and McGillians had the biggest, and loudest, showing in recent memory.

Ain’t no mountain high enough

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McGillians have always been up for a challenge and this was evident when staff members from Student Life and Learning (SLL) embraced a new adventure and participated in the 2016 Tour de la Montagne on May 23. Proceeds raised at the annual event help support the Honoré-Mercier Hospital and other community health institutions.

Young teachers learn to reach youth through art

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Student teachers with McGill’s Faculty of Education learned about engaging youth in arts-based initiatives in local community centres through Dr. Fiona J. Benson’s hands-on special topics course EDEC 300: Art In-Community: Learning from Doing Pop-Up Art with Youth.

McGill students raise $17,000 for the homeless

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Alex Grassby must have a different definition of the word “lucky” than most people. Case in point: “We were lucky,” she says of her and her fellow McGill students who, over the course of five days last week, lived on campus, entirely outside, braving everything from rain and snow to sleet and hail. “Very lucky.”

Walking a mile in another’s shoes

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A group of McGill students will live outside without money, food or amenities in order to raise money for Montreal’s homeless people.

Reading Week with a difference

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For many McGill students, the March study break is a time for relaxing, traveling or catching up on schoolwork. But for a group of McGill students, it’s about something much bigger: engaging with the Montreal community.

Why Physics Matters?

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There’s a new kid on the public science lecture series block: Physics Matters. Here’s why.

Bigger is better for McGill Innovation Week

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McGill Innovation Week took place for a third year in a row this November and the third time was certainly a charm. Nineteen events integrated the McGill student and faculty community with the Montreal innovation community to demonstrate how people can collaborate to create novel ideas that will drive our future.

Getting involved outside the Roddick Gates

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As the McGill community settles into the rhythm of a new semester, people across the University are getting ready for another day of rolling up our sleeves and getting involved in our city. With just a few days to go, the Social Equity and Diversity Education Office (SEDE) is set to host the 4th annual McGill Community Engagement Day on and around Oct. 1.