Dentistry on the move: The Countdown has begun

Posted on Friday, February 28, 2014

4208-dentaloutreach-oeIn just a few months, most of McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry’s operations and units will be gathered under one roof at 2001 McGill College, right across from the Roddick Gates. The Faculty’s new clinic will be at the cutting edge of dental education with the latest high-tech simulation technologies, teaching equipment and learning spaces that enable experiential and collaborative learning. The new location will be more easily accessible for patients through public transport, provide easy access to campus for students and staff and will increase the Faculty’s ability to fulfill its mission, combining academic excellence and community service.

Hear about all the latest details in this audio interview with Carlo Cimo, Senior Project Manager from the Facilities Operations and Development, who joins Valerie Khayat to speak about this historic project that is estimated at 16.5 million dollars.

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One Response to Dentistry on the move: The Countdown has begun

  1. Gibson says:

    Thanks for the audio interview. $16.5 to 18 Million is a substantial investment. The plan seems sound and the move appears to be a wonderful decision.

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