PC renewal program is back

Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The PC renewal program is an initiative to retire outdated computers and update McGill’s computer fleet to meet the University’s ongoing computing needs. Due to financial constraints, this program has had limited funding for the last two years. IT Services has now received funding to bring the computer fleet up to date.

The program covers McGill-owned computers:

– used by administrative and support staff in centrally funded faculties/units

– in classrooms and public areas in centrally-funded faculties/units, which are available to all McGill students.

The first priority will be to replace machines that do not meet the minimum specifications required to adequately support Windows 7 or higher. (Note that Windows XP will not be supported by Microsoft after April 2014.) Remaining budget will be used to allocate computers based on unit size and business need.

Principles guiding the PC renewal program:

– Zero fleet growth. A minimum of 1 old computer must be retired for each new computer allocated (1 in / 1 out).

– All end-of-life computers will be disposed of in accordance with the IT Equipment Disposal Policy.

– Eligible employees are entitled to only one computer under the program.

IT Services will be contacting each faculty/unit with additional details. See the full announcement here.


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