UPDATED (Answers included). Year-end McGill Quiz: how well do you know your University?

Posted on Friday, December 13, 2013
University founder James McGill scratches his head as he ponders some of the questions on our quiz.

University founder James McGill scratches his head as he ponders some of the questions on our quiz.

By McGill Reporter Staff

It was, as always, an eventful year at McGill. Were you paying attention? Here’s a year-end McGill quiz to test your knowledge of the University and events in 2013.

The answers are in red.




1. Our new Principal, Suzanne Fortier, hails from what tiny town in Quebec?

A: St-Timothée

2. Ollivier Dyens, McGill’s new Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) comes to us from which Canadian university?

A: Concordia

3. Which airline is NOT party of McGill’s travel management plan?

a. Porter
b. WestJet
c. Lufthansa
d. Delta

A: c. Lufthansa

4. How big (in diameter) was the water main that ruptured last January, flooding the downtown campus and causing millions of dollars worth of damage to McGill buildings?

A: Four feet/1.2 metres

5. A team from the Desautels Faculty of Management won an enormous prize this year with a plan to feed people in developing countries using what?

A: Crickets

6. The Governor General plays what special role at McGill? (You need his title in the answer).

A: He (or she) is the University’s official Visitor

7. What does QI stand for?

A: Quartier d’Innovation

8. Jim Nicell got a new job this year. As what?

A: The former Associate Vice-Principal (University Services) is the new Dean of Engineering

9. Why might you have heard of Laurent Duvernay-Tardif?

A: He is a McGill Redmen football star, who combines great football skills with high academic standards and who has won numerous accolades as a result.

10. Construction projects that ripped up Pine Ave. earlier this year, meant that the Currie Gym could not be used as usual as a large venue for exams. What rather unusual place was found last spring for finals?

A: The Scotiabank movie theatre

11. Name the well-known singer was awarded an honorary degree last spring.

A: Nana Mouskouri

12. What fruit, botanically speaking, was the focus of a major event on the downtown campus during Orientation Week?

A: The tomato, in this case, grown at Macdonald Campus

13. How many McGill alumni are in the federal cabinet?

A: Three: Joe Oliver, Chris Alexander and Greg Rickford

14. What does MOOC stand for?

A: Massive Online Open Course(s)

15. How many years in a row has McGill topped the Maclean’s magazine rankings of medical/doctoral universities in Canada?

a. Four
b. Six
c. Nine
d. Eleven

A: c. Nine

16. Name the Trivia team that won the Centraide Trivia Challenge this year.

a. Thistle Rocks
b. Hotel de Ville
c. Ministry of Truth
d. Date Night

A: c. Ministry of Truth

17. Who is Quebec’s Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Technology?

A: Pierrre Duchesne

18. Which McGill varsity sports team is sitting on an 11-game winning streak at the moment?

A: The Martlets basketball team

19. Which residence hall is currently closed for extensive renovation?

A: Douglas Hall, built in 1936

20. McGill picked up two important certifications this year related to the food it serves. You have to name them or describe them both to get the full point.

A: Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certification; certification as a fair trade campus

21. Which federal politician routinely wears his McGill tie at public functions?

A: Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair

22. How many honorary degrees were awarded to former Principal Heather Munroe-Blum this year? Bonus point if you can name one of the institutions.

A: Two: University of Ottawa and University of Glasgow, James McGill’s alma mater

23. Which is McGill’s biggest building, in terms of the number of people who work there?

a. Leacock
b. Burnside Hall
c. Stewart Biology
d. McIntyre Medical

A: Stewart Biology

24. Where is Tadja Hall?

A: It is the delightful Macdonald Campus faculty club building on the shores of Lac St-Louis

25. You might have heard of Katie Larson this year. What does she do?

A: President of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU)

Bonus tie-breaker question: How old would James McGill be today?

A: He was born Oct. 6, 1744, so he would be 269.


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