Budget Corner: Latest information on McGill’s finances

Posted on Thursday, December 5, 2013
Photo: John Kelsey

Photo: John Kelsey


Welcome to the Budget Corner, your source for the latest information on McGill’s finances.

Financial Update – Dec. 5, 2013

On Dec. 4, Provost Anthony C. Masi and VP Administration and Finance Michael Di Grappa updated Senate on the financial state of the university, the forecasts for this current fiscal year (FY2014), and thoughts on preliminary budget planning for FY2015.

• “We are on the right track”, Di Grappa and Masi tell Senate. Read the full story here.

• Full Presentations:

o Annual report on the financial state of the University, by Michael Di Grappa, VP (Administration and Finance)

o Budget Report 1, by Provost Anthony C. Masi


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