Today, April 4: Music and Torture in the War on Terror: Musicology, Media and Censorship Effects

Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2013

Media@McGill, in collaboration with McGill University’s Schulich School of Music, presents Music and Torture in the War on Terror: Musicology, Media and Censorship Effects, a free public lecture by Suzanne G. Cusick, New York University, today at 5:30 in room C-201 of the Schulich School of Music (555 Sherbrooke Street West).

Within the context of Media@McGill’s current program on Media, War and Conflict, Suzanne G. Cusick, Professorof Music at New York University, will address the treatment of music torture in the U.S. entertainment media, as well as the profound epistemological challenge that music torture presents to the disciplinary habits of musicology. Cusick’s talk will survey and interrogate the ways that public debate about “music torture” has been stifled by the convergence of forces that produce a censorship effect independent of state enforcement.

In 2007, Cusick’s research on the use of noise, music and “gender coercion” in the detention and interrogation of prisoners held during the twenty-first-century’s “war on terror” was awarded the Philip Brett Award given by the LGBTQ Study Group of the American Musicological Society. She has also published extensively on the subject of gender and sexuality in relation to the musical cultures of early modern Italy and of contemporary North America.

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