Bike removal notices to be issued

Posted on Friday, April 12, 2013

The crowded bike racks in front of McConnell Engineering. / Photo: Jim Hynes.

Bike parking on campus is at capacity in peak periods, making it a challenge to find a good place to lock-up. The bike racks on campus are intended for members of the McGill community and visitors, and are for short-term use, not long-term storage. Beginning the week of April 15, in an effort to free up some spaces, the University will be tagging all bikes that are abandoned or left for long-term storage. A bike that has been identified as potentially being abandoned will first be tagged with a notice giving its owner 72 hours to remove it, after which time it will be removed by University staff. Upon being removed, owners will have 90 days to reclaim their bike. Unclaimed bikes will be donated to charity or non-profit organizations. To find out if your bike was removed by the University, please inquire with the Lost & Found office in Burnside Hall (ground floor or call 514-398-4556). For more information on cycling at McGill, click here.

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