Aqueduct repairs project entering final phase

Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013

With Phase II nearing completion, the City of Montreal is preparing to start work on the third and final phase of the Montreal aqueduct repairs project in the areas surrounding the McTavish Reservoir. Phase III is scheduled to run between April 29 and August 27. Preparatory work for this phase will begin the weekend of April 27-28 with the surface installation of a temporary water distribution system.

For the duration of Phase III, eastbound circulation on Pine Ave. between Doctor Penfield and Durocher St. will be closed. Westbound circulation, as well as on the upper sections of University, Aylmer, and Durocher Streets, will be variously restricted.

Three teams will be working simultaneously on this site to ensure the schedule is adhered to. This stage of the work involves a certain amount of rock drilling, which the City warns will be noisy.

Click here for more information on the aqueduct repairs project.





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