Vision 2020 to McGill: “Did we hear you?”

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vision 2020 project manager Amara Possian chips in with her two cents on one of the super-sized draft vision and goals posters that can be found on both McGill campuses. / Photo courtesy of Vision 2020.

By Julia Solomon

Since kicking off in February 2012, Vision 2020: Creating a Sustainable McGill has engaged thousands of McGill community members to share their visions for a sustainable future. Dozens of events have generated countless ideas. The Vision 2020 team has done their best to incorporate those ideas into a draft Sustainability Vision & Goals report and now is asking the McGill community: Did we get it right? Does what’s in the report match your vision for a sustainable future?

As you might imagine, the draft document is available on the Vision 2020 website and people can share their impressions using an online feedback form. There’s another way to chime in, though.

“We printed out really big copies of the draft vision and goals and hung them up in hallways all over campus. There are tacks and paper for people to leave comments,” says Vision 2020 project manager Amara Possian (BA ’11, Middle East Studies and Political Science). The super-sized posters will be up for a week, from Nov. 28-Dec. 5 in six downtown campus locations and the Mac-Stewart lobby at Macdonald campus.

How did the Vision 2020 team come up with the idea for this crowdsourced version of track-changes?

“It is incredibly important to us that people feel reflected in the documents that come out of this process,” says Possian. “We’ve said from the beginning that Vision 2020 is setting a sustainability strategy for and from the entire McGill community. We wanted a way to validate the vision and goals that was visible and participatory, and a little bit unexpected. The idea of putting the draft document up in hallways just kind of took shape naturally.”

After incorporating this latest round of feedback, Vision 2020 will finalize the Sustainability Vision & Goals report and transition to action planning in January.

Share your thoughts on one of the hallway displays until Dec. 5: Leacock, Trottier, Redpath, RVC, SSMU, Thompson House and Mac-Stewart.

Share your thoughts online until Dec. 10 here:

Learn more about Vision 2020 on their website, blog or on Twitter @Vision2020mu.

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