Talks resume with AMURE union

Posted on Friday, August 31, 2012

Talks resumed on Aug. 29 with AMURE, the union representing research associates and research assistants, and proved productive.

The University presented Article 15 on posting, appointments and reappointments, and Article 16 on probationary periods. The union reviewed the University’s proposed English and French texts and suggested some changes that will be included for ratification at the next meeting.

The University also submitted Article 17 on health and safety, Article 18 on reimbursement of expenses, and Article 19 on work hours and overtime. The union said it was satisfied with the proposed texts, which were ratified by the parties after the meeting.

As a follow-up to previous discussions, the parties addressed the topics of layoffs, end of contracts and recalls of research associates and assistants. The parties reached an agreement in principle which will be drafted and presented for review at the next meeting scheduled for September 12.


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