Happy 130th Redpath

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo: Owen Egan

As part of the Redpath Museum’s 130th anniversary, friends and staff of the Musuem dusted off their period costumes for a little living history lesson. From left to right: Friend of the Redpath Frank Kruzich as Peter Redpath, McGill board member and financier of the Redpath Museum; President of the Council of the Friends of the Redpath Museum Bruno Paul Stenson as Montreal Mayor Jean-Louis Beaudry, in office when the Museum was opened; Redpath Museum Director, David Green, as John William Dawson, Principal of McGill and founder and first director of the Redpath; Palaeontology Ph.D. candidate Emily Bamforth as Anna Dawson, daughter of John William Dawson.

Opened in 1882, the Redpath Museum was Canada’s first public building museum. The Museum was built primarily to house the extensive natural history collection of Sir John William Dawson. Today, the collection houses more than three million objects and specimens, including examples of extinct animals, fossils of the oldest known vertebrates and the second largest collection of Egyptian antiquities in Canada.


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