July 2016

$4 Million for Intellectual Disabilities Research The Sandra and Alain Bouchard Foundation donated $4-million to the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, and established The Sandra and Alain Bouchard Intellectual Disability Research Program. Learn more about what inspired generous gift.   The Wounded Brain Healed Book Launch and Cocktail On June 16, 2016, The Neuro held a […]

May 2016

May 2016 – Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month Multiple sclerosis treatment and research has long been a focus at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital. The Neuro introduced Canada’s first MS clinic and the clinic’s highly specialized staff employs the latest research data and treatment methods in a clinical atmosphere of innovation and progress. Learn more. […]

April 2016

April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month The Neuro – A Major Force in Parkinson’s Disease Research and Treatment For many years, the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital has conducted studies that have led to a greater understanding of the nature of Parkinson’s disease (PD). About 100,000 Canadians have PD, a motor neuron disease generally associated […]

March 2016

The Neuro ICU – Gold Status in infection control. Front line nurses – the key to success Last December, the Neuro’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) accomplished a spectacular feat that all members of the team can be truly proud of. They achieved Gold Status in the Be Line Wise Program by maintaining zero central venous […]

February 2016

Personality of the Year 2015 Dr. Kevin Petrecca and his colleague Dr. Frederic Leblond (Polytechnique Montréal) were named personality of the year 2015 in the science category by the Montréal newspaper La Presse. Learn more   Learning a Second Language May Depend on How your Brain Talks to Itself Denise Klein and colleagues at the Montreal […]

December 2015

NeurExcellence Every year the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital celebrates and honours the achievements of the Neuro community by holding the NeurExcellence awards. These awards acknowledge outstanding individual contributions to The Neuro and recognize the individuals that make this institution the world-leading destination for brain research and advanced patient care it is today. Learn more […]

September 2015

Breakthrough in “marriage-broker” protein Discovery provides new tool for understanding and treating neurodegenerative diseases MNI scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding an important protein that appears to act as a kind of cellular “marriage broker.” The protein called Netrin1 brings cells together and maintains their healthy relationships. Netrin1 plays an essential role in the […]

August 2015

Practice doesn’t always make perfect (depending on your brain) Study fuels nature versus nurture debate How do you get to Carnegie Hall? New research on the brain’s capacity to learn suggests there’s more to it than the adage that “practise makes perfect.” A music-training study by Robert Zatorre and colleagues, with collaborators in Germany found […]

July 2015

June was Stroke Awareness Month The Neuro Becomes A Centre For Tertiary Stroke Care Time is brain: for every minute a stroke is left untreated, 2 million brain cells are destroyed. The sooner patients are treated, the higher the chances of survival with fewer disabilities. Patients with acute strokes and transient ischemic attack (TIA) are […]

May 2015

May – Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month What’s new in MS at The Neuro The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital – The Neuro at McGill University and the MUHC has Canada’s oldest MS clinic but is always innovating – striving for progress and better treatments for patients. Each year, the clinic treats around two thousand patients […]