Community Connections

July 2015

MUHC Walk for MTL!

Thank you to everyone who joined the Neuro Team in Saturday’s MUHC Walk for MTL! We were thrilled to have your participation in this historic event and celebration of the MUHC hospital’s official opening on the Glen Site. Special thanks to Amanda Fritz for captaining The Neuro Team.

Thanks to Clinical Nurse Specialists Rosa Sourial (Stroke Program) and Claire Nehme (Pain Program) and Nurse Clinician Serena Slater (MS Program) for volunteering at The Neuro booth on Sunday during the Community Festival.

TELUS helps young students through BrainReach

BrainReach is a free educational outreach program spearheaded and run by 70 McGill Integrated Program in Neuroscience (IPN) Masters and Doctoral students. Because of the wonderful support of TELUS, volunteer educators have the opportunity to teach various neuroscience topics to elementary and high school students in disadvantaged neighborhoods across Montreal, in both English and French. Thanks to TELUS’ generosity, our partner schools are looking forward to another year of dynamic and interactive science education from tomorrow’s neuroscience greats!

Grip’N’Rip Golf Tournament for MS

For the second year in a row, Mr. Jordon Topor and his team of volunteers will be organizing the Grip’N’Rip golf tournament benefitting The Neuro’s MS Greatest Needs Fund, to be held on September 12th. This Fund allows our researchers and physicians to push the envelope for the betterment of those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis in myriad ways – from filling special equipment needs, to bringing in exceptional staff, to improving front-line patient care, to financing avant-garde research projects with the potential to revolutionize treatment options. Last year the tournament raised over $40,000 and we’re sure this year’s edition will be another great success! To reserve your spot contact or 514-779-1687

When Life Gives You Lemons…

We count on donations both large and small in order to pursue groundbreaking research and deliver new treatments to our patients. So we were thrilled to hear that Mila Rose Ruckenstein and Abby Powell, who both recently lost their grandfather Dr. Allan Small to a brain tumour, decided to donate the proceeds from their lemonade stand to The Next Generation of Brain Cancer Treatment Fund at The Neuro. This precision medicine program uses stem cells to create personalized treatments that target the genetic and molecular make‐up of a person’s particular cancer, providing patients with more effective therapies and a reduced risk of relapse. Thanks to donors like Mila and Abby, patients are living about 200% longer and with a much higher quality of life than just 10 years ago!

Vigilant Global – Helping Us Map the Chemical Brain

The Montreal-based R&D and IT firm has once again shown their generous spirit and community mindedness by making a landmark donation to The Neuro. This year, their important contribution of $70,000 is directed to support Dr. Abbas Sadikot’s Chemical Brain Atlas Project. By building a detailed map of the chemical connections within the brain, our physicians will be better able to perform neurosurgical procedures using deep brain stimulation – like those to treat Parkinson’s disease and medication-resistant depression. Thanks to Vigilant Global, The Neuro can now embark upon the next stage of discovery and further unlock the mysteries of the deep brain.

A Desert Race on 4x4s for Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2)

After undergoing multiple surgeries and a radiation protocol, Isabelle Désy was diagnosed with NF2 – a condition caused by a genetic mutation that results in the formation of reoccurring, non-malignant brain tumours in 2012. Her family has supported her every step of the way, and now they’re hoping to help other families face this unpredictable and chronic disease by raising funds to support research into the root causes of NF2, and to defray the costs of using the NICO Myriad surgical device; a tool that allows surgeons to reach and resect tumours where before they feared to tread. For more information about the Désy family’s efforts, visit the Geckos Racing Team Facebook page!

The Saguenay Sports Rally for Epilepsy

The 3rd edition of the Raid took place on May 23 and raised important funds for epilepsy research at The Neuro! This unique event, organized by Ms. Manon Bordeleau, promotes awareness about epilepsy and raises funds for The Neuro as well as l’Association régionale d’épilepsie Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. The event offers individuals or teams the opportunity to compete in 5 disciplines – a 6.3 km run through the forest, a 5 km race on in-line skates, a session of Crossfit exercises, a 2.5 km kayak race, and 12 km of mountain biking! Stay up to date on this fun activity and don’t miss out on next year by liking the Raid de Saguenay’s Facebook page.

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