April 2015

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital is at the forefront of Parkinson’s research and clinical care. Parkinson’s patients are seen at The Neuro’s Movement Disorders Clinic and the Montreal General Hospital.
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Tango dancing could benefit Parkinson’s disease patients

Dancing the Argentine tango could have potential benefits for people at certain stages in the development of Parkinson’s disease (PD), according to findings in a new study by researchers at the Montreal Neurological Hospital and the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre. The study looked at changes in patients’ motor abilities following a 12-week tango course, and is also the first study to assess the effect that tango has on non-motor symptoms.
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Kevin Petrecca – William Feindel Chair in Neuro-Oncology

Kevin Petrecca is the holder of the William Feindel Chair in Neuro-Oncology. The chair was created in 2001 thanks to a donation of $2.7 million from Mrs. Cynthia Molson-Baxter and her family to the Clive Baxter Memorial Endowment Research Fund.

The commitment of the Baxter family and friends toward advancing brain tumour research honours the memory of Mr. Clive Baxter.  Mr. Baxter was an award-winning journalist for The Financial Post, who in 1973 at the age of 42 was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour and treated at The Neuro by Dr. William Feindel.  Mr. Baxter became dedicated to informing others about the treatments available for brain tumours and to heightening awareness of the need for research into brain diseases.  Although operations, radiation, and chemotherapy temporarily stopped the progression of the brain tumour, Mr. Baxter died in 1980.  

Dr. Petrecca is Chief of Neurosurgery at the MUHC. Dr. Petrecca leads an active research program focusing on discovering mechanisms that regulate brain cancer development, differentiation, invasion and resistance to treatment. His surgical research aims to develop and validate novel technologies to optimize glioma surgery. Dr. Petrecca takes over the Chair from Dr. Rolando Del Maestro, who held it since 2004.

Eric Shoubridge – Izaak Walton Killam Chair

Earlier this month, the Killam Trustees appointed Professor Eric Shoubridge as the Izaak Walton Killam Chair at the Montreal Neurological Institute.

Dr. Shoubridge is an internationally renowned scientist with an exemplary record, a valued colleague and collaborator, and a superb teacher.  Dr. Shoubridge joined the faculty at the MNI in 1991 after completing his PhD training at the University of British Columbia and a postdoctoral fellowship at Oxford. His work has focused on genetically inherited neurodegenerative diseases and he has made many seminal and highly cited contributions to this field. He has had numerous research papers published in top-tier journals and received significant honours, including being an International Scholar of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (2007-2012) and a James McGill Professor (2011-2018).

Dr. Shoubridge was a collaborator and close colleague of Dr. George Karpati, the previous recipient of the Izaak Walton Killam Chair, and maintains Dr. Karpati’s legacy.  The MNI is one of the five Killam Institutions. The Killam funds support the academic and training mission of the MNI, and are invaluable to advancing our work in neuroscience.

Celebration Commemorating Builders and Benefactors of the Osler Library

On April 18 at the celebration commemorating “Builders and Benefactors” of the Osler Library, Dr. William Feindel, (1918-2014), Honourary Osler Librarian, was honoured with the unveiling of a very significant acquisition by the library: a very rare collection of five life-sized anatomical illustrations painted on silk. These were produced in France in the 17th century and used by the French anatomist and medical professor Dr. Amé Bourdon to illustrate his lectures and his 1678 anatomical atlas. This addition to the library’s rich anatomical collection is a fitting tribute to Dr. Feindel’s memory, who, like Osler himself, epitomised someone whose appreciation of the past nurtured his vision for the future.  Among the speakers at the event were Dr. Rolando Del Maestro, who spoke in honour of Dr. Feindel, and Dr. Bernard Brais, who remembered Dr. Edward Horton Bensley.

FCHIR Video History of Medicine in Canada Project- celebrating Brenda Milner

Dr. Aubie Angel, president of the Friends of the CIHR was on hand for Neuropsychology/Brenda Milner Lecture Day on April 20 to show a preview from a unique 3-DVD compilation featuring fascinating, rare and in-depth interviews with Dr. Brenda Milner on her life and career.  A production of the FCIHR, the DVD is titled “The life and work of Canada’s most distinguished neuropsychologist: Brenda Milner and memory”. The DVD is part of the FCHIR Video History of Medicine in Canada Project.  Copies of the DVD are for sale through Friends of The Neuro.

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