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March 2015

Alan Evans, Margolese National Brain Disorders Prize

Dr. Alan Evans, who has helped map the human brain, was awarded the Margolese National Brain Disorders Prize by the University of British Columbia. Dr. Evans is a researcher at the MNI and a James McGill Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Psychiatry and Biomedical Engineering at McGill University. Dr. Evans has redefined the role of neuroimaging by developing techniques and analytic tools that are now universally used.
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Peter McPherson inducted into the Royal Society of Canada

Dr. Peter McPherson, James McGill Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery, and Anatomy and Cell Biology at the MNI, was named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC). He was one of four new 2014 RSC Fellows from McGill University. Dr. McPherson has made fundamental discoveries underlying the cellular and molecular basis of neurodegenerative diseases.
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Michel Aubé, who received the Canadian Headache Society’s John Edmeads Lifetime Contribution to Headache Neurology in Canada Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions.
Robert Zatorre, who received an honorary degree from the Universidad Favaloro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Sylvain Baillet, who received a Mid Career Achievement Award at the 19th International Conference on Biomagnetism, in Halifax for his significant contributions to the field of biomagnetism research and efforts to help bring this field to a new level of advancement.

Dr. Baillet has also been promoted to full Professor.

Colin Chalk, who won the 2014 Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching, in recognition of his years of dedication to improving the academic experience of students at McGill University. Dr. Chalk’s ongoing commitment to medical education at McGill, and specifically to curriculum design and development, is to be applauded. His work as Director of Curricular Development at the University’s Centre for Medical Education recently culminated in the launch of the Faculty of Medicine’s new curriculum in 2014.
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Kappy Flanders, McGill University Governor Emerita and former member of the Neuro Advisory Board, was made a Member of the Order of Canada in January 2015. Mrs. Flanders is a tireless advocate for palliative care who founded the Council on Palliative Care, McGill, and who, with generous donations from her family and friends, established the Eric M. Flanders Chair in Palliative Medicine in 1994 in memory of her late husband.
Heidi McBride, who was promoted to full Professor.
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Edward Fon, who was promoted to full Professor.
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Andrea Bernasconi, who was promoted to full Professor.
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Lesley Fellows, who was promoted to full Professor.
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Abbas Sadikot, who was appointed to the William Cone Chair in Neurosurgery.
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Anne McKinney, who was appointed Chair of brain@mcgill.
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Amanpreet Badhwar, who received the CIHR Institute of Aging “Age +” Prize for her work entitled: “Impaired structural correlates of memory in Alzheimer’s disease mice.” 
Sujaya Neupane, student with D. Guitton and C. Pack, who won the Forces Avenir 2014 Personality Award for Graduates.
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  Abdulrahman Alturki, Neurosurgery Resident who received a McGill MedStar Award for his publication entitled “Patterns of care at end of life for people with primary intracranial tumors: lessons learned“


The following trainees who received support:

2015-2016 Fellowship Awardees
Banque Nationale Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Michael Jermyn (K. Petrecca)
CIBC Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Brain Imaging: Yi Du (R. Zatorre)
Jeanne Timmins Costello Fellowships: Benjamin Morillon (S. Baillet), Travis Baker (A. Dagher), Ernest Mas-Herrero (R. Zatorre), Christopher Kent (K. Petrecca)
Preston Robb Fellowship: Hui Ming Khoo (J. Gotman / F. Dubeau)
The Molson NeuroEngineering Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Yasser Iturria-Medina (A. Evans)

2015 Travel Awardees
Arthur Victor Movement Disorder Travel Awards: Mukanthu Nyirenda (A. Bar-Or), Matthew Tang (T. Fon), Michael Tibshirani (H. Durham)
Dr. Richard Murphy Travel Awards: Julien Gibon (P. Seguela), Luke Healy (J. Antel), Jie Xu (P. McPherson)
Simon Groom Travel Award: Kais Gadhoumi (J. Gotman)
Lewis Reford Fellows Travel Awards: Yasser Iturria-Medina (A. Evans), Perrine Gaub (H. Tsuda), Marion Van Horn (E. Ruthazer)
Kenelm M. Winslow Student Travel Awards: Debra Dawson (A. Shmuel), Liu Liu (C. Pack), Ricardo Sanz (A. Fournier), Avinash Vaidya (L. Fellows), Jessika Royea (E. Hamel)
Don Baxter Collaborative Fund: Ziv Gan-Or (G. Rouleau), Michael Klein (R. Zatorre), Loraine Georgy (A. Ptito)


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