Rémillard family establishes the Yosh Taguchi Chair in Urology

October 2011

With his 78th birthday mere days away, the ebullient and ever-energetic Yosh Taguchi, BSc’55, MDCM’59, PhD’70, was feted September 20 by colleagues, family and friends in recognition of a new research Chair that has been established in his name. The Yosh Taguchi Chair in Urology was made possible through a gift from Montreal businessman, Lucien Rémillard, and his family. The Chair will result in an academic appointment in one of the hospitals of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and will enable the university to recruit a globally renowned scholar who will lead a team in championing the next wave of breakthroughs in urology, and specifically in urologic oncology.

Maxime Rémillard, Yosh Taguchi and Lucien Rémillard. Photo: Nicolas Morin.

“A Chair must have meaning and a sense of purpose,” said Interim Vice-Principal of Health Affairs and Interim Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Samuel Benaroya, BSc’73, MDCM’75. “Today we are celebrating the future of academic medicine, which rests on the research that we do here at McGill.”

Benaroya paid tribute to the remarkable career of Yosh Taguchi, with whom he has crossed paths many times in the hallways of the Royal Victoria Hospital of the MUHC over the last couple of decades. He recounted how Yosh Taguchi has a gift for making everyone he talks to feel they’ve been given his full and complete attention. No small feat for a man that keeps himself so busy: on the very day of the recognition event, he had already attended to 55 patients.

For his part, Dr. Taguchi expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Rémillard family for the gift that will make “immortal” the remarkable work he started almost forty years ago.


“When a patient gives us a cheque for a hundred dollars, we’re pleased – very pleased,” he said, with a happy twinkle in his eye. “When a patient gives five hundred dollars, we’re ecstatic. But this is not a gift of a thousand, or ten thousand or a hundred thousand, it’s astronomical.”

Armen Aprikian, Head of McGill’s Division of Urology and Urologist-in-Chief at the MUHC spoke proudly of the profound impact he anticipates as a result of the Rémillards’ generosity. “We have a very strong research culture,” he said. “It has been a part of the Division for more than 40 years and this Chair will continue to build on this tradition.”

In addition to his remarkable work on behalf of his patients, Yosh Taguchi has had an impressive research career in the area of prostate cancer and has trained numerous urologists to excel in their profession. He is also internationally famous for his books, Private Parts: An Owner’s Guide to the Male Anatomy, The Prostate: Everything you Need to Know about the Man Gland, and Zen in Action: A Surgeon Reveals His Life in Philosophy.

On behalf of the Rémillards, Maxime Rémillard spoke about how pleased his family is to honour Dr. Yosh Taguchi and to support one of the world’s great research institutions. “My father, as well as our whole family, are deeply convinced that we have made an important and wise decision by choosing to support the work of McGill University’s Division of Urology by investing in this health sector,” he said.

[Laurence Miall]


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4 Responses to “Rémillard family establishes the Yosh Taguchi Chair in Urology”
  1. George Cantlie says:

    (personal – please pass on to Dr T.)

    Congratulations and fond regards from the days back in Greene Ave office. George Cantlie

  2. Dr. Raymond Paltoo says:

    I am really happy to hear of the establishment of the Yosh Taguchi chair in Urology. I am one of the Urologists he trained and I was in contact with him from time to time and he would always have time to listen to my problems and he was always eager to hear of my career progress. I hope to visit with him next year when I return for my 40th reunion.

  3. Norman J. Goldberg says:

    Yosh and I were classmates in medical school. I am delighted to congratulate him on this great achievement cappiing an illustrious career.

  4. Larry Genender BSc'55 MD '59 says:

    Where have all the years gone? Congratulations to an old classmate.