A Message from the Faculty Advisory Board Chair

ByronBeeler It is an exciting time to be associated with this faculty. Well trained minds are required to meet the challenge of finding ways to feed the world’s nine billion people by the year 2050. There is also a need to ensure that we leave the planet in better shape than what we inherited. [...]

Results of the Alumni Survey

Alumni_Survey_getting-involved Alumni involvement in Macdonald activities adds richness and value to the student experience: alumni round out the Macdonald community. The mentoring, sharing of life lessons and career advice that our alumni share with our current students are of major importance to the work we do here. [...]

A Snapshot in Time

Stats_webMacdonald has always been fortunate to have alumni who are deeply committed to ensuring that today’s students have the same quality education as they did in their day. With increasing student enrolment and decreasing university and government funding, alumni support is more vital than ever. [...]

Giving the Gift of a Lifetime

Richard-Baxter It was chance that brought Richard Baxter, BScAgr’74, to Macdonald. Late in applying to the university he wanted, he followed a friend’s suggestion and applied to Mac, thinking that he could switch after a year. Two years into the program and he could not imagine studying anywhere else! [...]

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Message from the Dean

Looking outside my office window, the Campus is covered with deep, pristine snow from our first major snowstorm of the season. Our students are in the midst of final exams, and we are also busily preparing for the Christmas holidays. It reminds me of those Decembers when I was an undergraduate and graduate student at Macdonald, and I suspect the same for many of you. There is both excitement and anticipation in the air. Anticipation of wondering how well we did in our finals, and excitement of spending the holidays with friends, family, and loved ones. [...]

How Alumni Relations helps build community spirit

Calgary-7 When is a good time to start connecting with alumni? Anna Duff, Alumni Relations Associate in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences feels that connections should start on Day 1, when the students enter the University. Says Duff, “The community that today’s student belongs to is global. Technology keeps them connected to their peers wherever they may be. Many of our students commute to campus for classes from the downtown core; they study in one place and socialize in another. We need to help our students develop a sense of belonging to our community while they are here if we want them to participate in our activities once they leave campus. At the same time, it is important for us to continue to improve and expanded our traditional offerings.” [...]

What’s in a Name?

MSE-Logo_small As we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of the McGill School of Environment, we can reflect on how it came to be, what has transpired over these years and where the programming is going in the future. In the early 1990s, students interested in courses related to the environment were taking a cluster of courses with no true cohesion to the degree that they were graduating with. The Dean of Science at the time, Alan Shaver, had a vision – an interdisciplinary program which meant working across faculties to create a true program based around a theme, the environment. [...]

News Bytes

The Macdonald Development and Alumni Relations Office has moved to a new set of offices in Laird Hall (Room 199B, accessible through the Laird Hall doors facing the Centennial Centre). We invite you to come and visit us in our new location.

Read more alumni news. [...]

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