Celebrating 100 Years of the MCSS

Do you realize that you are part of the reason that Macdonald Campus Students’ Society (MCSS) is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year? From its origins in College residences, the MCSS and its associated committees assumed more and more responsibility in shaping and supervising student life. [...]

The Mac Library in the Digital Age

McGillRemembers Thanks to the efforts of Natalie Waters, Head Librarian, Macdonald Campus Library and Learning Centre, a suite of Macdonald College publications will be digitized this summer. Says Waters, “Up until now the publications in the collection have been spread between the University’s two campuses, with the primary collection residing at Macdonald. The impetus for the project is based on regular requests for access to our historical records, including scholarly works, extracurricular pursuits, outreach activities and genealogical information.” [...]

Students Help Promote Better Eating

Mac-Cookbook-Cover---Revised The Mac Cookbook, 1st edition 2014, captures the voice of Mac: local, healthy, sustainable. It showcases the diverse yet interconnected community that is Mac Campus. The cookbook is the result of creative community collaboration between the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition students, Out-of-the-Garden alternative café (OGP), Macdonald Student Ecological Garden (MSEG) and Plant Science. [...]

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Taking the Lead in Northern Research


Canada’s North has always conjured visions of great white expanses, majestic animals and hardy inhabitants. In reality the great white expanses are slowly melting, the majestic animals are struggling for survival as their habitats slowly disappear, and a new report released on March 27, 2014 by the Council of Canadian Academies found that the Inuit, those hardy inhabitants, are the most food insecure people in the developed world. In keeping with the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ mandate, researchers are creating sustainable solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing Canada’s North—natural resource protection, food security and health. [...]

Macdonald Farm Launches Rejuvenation Campaign


Ask a young person today: “Where does your food come from?” and more often than not, they will name a retail grocery chain, restaurant, or mega producer. With rapid urbanization, it is apparent that society has become increasingly disconnected from food, and yet the connection has never been more important. With the global population continuing to rise, tackling issues like food safety, food security, water resource management and others may well come down to a greater appreciation and understanding of our food systems. Here at Macdonald Campus, we have been asking ourselves: How do we remedy this disconnect and ensure children know about the vital role that farms and agriculture play in our lives? [...]

Looking for Life on Mars

holeThey say that practice makes perfect and, in Lyle Whyte’s case, practice has made him the perfect candidate to join the elite team of scientists picked by the European Space Agency (ESA) to work on the ExoMars 2018 project. [...]

Building Capacity for Sustainable Livelihoods and Health in Ghana

140417-105742-9296A team led by Grace Marquis, Canada Research Chair in Social and Environmental Aspects of Nutrition and professor in the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, will receive a grant of close to $3.5 million for an innovative five-year Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (FATD) project aimed at improving the health and household food security of infants and children in southeastern Ghana’s Upper Manya Krobo district. [...]

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