Women in Leadership

T22_1373 Have you thought about the path you took to get where you are today? The decisions you have made, the experiences you have had, the people who have helped you along the way? What about the challenges you faced and overcame? Learn what our students heard from Alums, Chantal Line Carpentier, BScAgr’90, MSc’94, Hélène Charlebois, BSc(FSc)’88, Annie Langlois, BSc(NutrSc)’92, Johanne Patry, DipAgr’77and Eliane Ubaljoro, BScAgr’92, MSc’94, PhD’01. Read more

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Homecoming 2015

T22_2511_600px This year’s Homecoming event took on a new dimension – bridging traditional homecoming activities with an open house for prospective students. The weekend was a resounding success. Read more

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The Ripple Effect

Drop Falling into Water Drop a pebble in water and it will create a ripple that spreads across the surface. Philanthropy works in much the same way; each planned gift to Macdonald has a rippling effect, directly and indirectly empowering future generations of students, who in turn, will go on to transform thousands of lives through their own efforts. Read more

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Three-minutes with… Salwa Karboune, Associate Dean (Research)

Spend “Three Minutes With…” Salwa Karboune, Macdonald’s new Associate Dean (Research), a role she took on September 1. A professor in the Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Salwa teaches courses in food product development, food packaging, and sensory evaluation. Her main research expertise is in the design and development of new approaches for the synthesis of novel functional food ingredients to improve the quality and functionality of food products. Salwa is also the mentor of several of Macdonald’s award-winning food development teams. Read more

Beyond Basics: Research in Agriculture – An optimized decision-making tool for dairy farmers

Dairy farm managers, like other business owners, need to manage their assets efficiently to maximize profits. For a farm manager, efficient dairy production depends on making proper decisions at different production stages but to date this has been a complicated process. Now PhD candidate Hector Delgado has developed software that will allow dairy farmers to easily visualize data and make informed decisions. Read more

Beyond Basics: Alumni in Agriculture – Thinking Ahead to Stay Ahead

Today’s dairy farmer needs to wear many hats; farmer, agricultural engineer, nutritionist, lawyer, and banker. They also need to be able to see into the future. The pastoral scene of cows contentedly grazing belies the hard work and dedication it takes to “stay ahead of the herd.” Richard Gilmer, BScAgr’75, and Melanie Sommers Trottier, BSc (AgEnvSc)’08, share their stories. Read more

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