Can the potato really help to fight obesity?

Russet Burbank_web Can the potato really help to fight obesity? Three researchers at Macdonald think so. The study suggests that the addition of polyphenol-rich potato extract may be useful in controlling weight gain and improving control of blood sugar levels. Read more…

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The Changing Face of Philanthropy

20150325_121152 Philanthropy has been at the heart of Macdonald since it was founded by its most significant benefactor, Sir William Macdonald, in 1905; it remains critical to ensuring the Faculty’s ongoing success and significance. Today, philanthropy as we know it is growing and transforming to include more non-traditional community-driven funding models. The impact of this support is tremendous and it can be witnessed across the campus. Read more…

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Mastery for Service

SergeLussier FMT’s Serge Lussier was given a standing ovation from students and friends when he was presented with the Mastery for Service Award, a testament to his commitment and dedication to Macdonald over the years. Read more…

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Faculty News

Woodswomen 2015_150x150 From Woodsmen and Woodswomen to Intercollegiate Judging Competitions, students are showing us that they excel on many levels. Read more Faculty News.

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3-minutes with…Elena Bennett


Elena Bennett is an Associate Professor of Ecology in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences and the McGill School of the Environment. Elena’s research interest is in ecosystem services, that is, to understand and manage the benefits humans derive from ecosystems, where benefits would include, but are not limited to, the provision of food or water, mitigating climate change and disease, recreational and cultural activities or maintaining healthy nutrient rich soils. Read more…

Re-grounding the human-Earth relationship


The comforts and conveniences of modern life come with dangerous costs. Humanity has overwhelmed and degraded many ecological support systems on which all life depends. Much of the Earth’s fresh water is contaminated or in short supply—often leading to conflict. Non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels are dwindling and environmental impacts of extracting and using them as we do are increasingly just plain unacceptable. Climate change in particular is a very serious threat to the stability of Earth’s life support systems and raises stark questions of justice between those who have caused the problem and those who suffer the costs. Considering impacts like these, many scientists believe the Earth has entered a human-dominated epoch called the “Anthropocene.” Read more…

Reexamining the Forest

Think of all the benefits that forests provide us. They provide us with beautiful settings to recreate in, wild berries to gather, timber to build our houses, and many other benefits. These benefits are called ecosystem services. In his Master’s thesis, graduate student Ira Sutherland is studying a broad suite of ecosystem services provided by forests on Vancouver Island, BC, and specifically, examining how they recover following logging. Read more…

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