Internships through the Bieler Family Internship Office

Camille Fong What does it take to educate a generation of students to become thinkers, problem solvers and leaders? How can we help create a successful transition from the classroom to the world? Combine life and learning in higher education? Help students gain real-life experience and build skillsets? Learn more about Camille Fong’s internship and how it helped her grow. [Read more..]

Undergraduate Research, Public and Private Partnerships

Pierre Tulk_150 Every year at this time, students across the country compete to undertake summer research internships with some of the country’s top researchers. Research internships provide terrific opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience; in 2015, seventeen Macdonald students participated in the program. While the majority of the student research was funded by NSERC and CIHR awards, Pierre Tulk’s work was funded through the Schull-Yang International Research Award, made possible by the generosity of McGill alumni Joseph Schull, BA’82, MA’85, and Anna Yang, BCL, LLB’88. Read more about Pierre’s journey to Panama. [Read more...]

Becoming a student entrepreneur

Groundit_Mitalie_150jpg Groundit was one of several Macdonald teams to enter the 2015 McGill Dobson Cup and to be mentored by the Macdonald Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. The program supports student entrepreneurs through mentoring activities, a new Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation offered in collaboration with the Desautels Faculty of Management, and by attracting funding to support student business ventures such as the Food and Agribusiness Convergent Innovation Prize, which will be awarded to a team entering this year’s Dobson Cup competition. Mitalie Makhani, one of the founder’s of Groundit, shares her journey. [Read more...]

What does it take to feed an athlete?

IMG_3047_150 Many of the courses offered at Macdonald are formulated to include as much hands-on experience as possible, whether in the lab, out in the field or, as in this case, in the Food Labs. Share in Emma’s experience preparing a meal for some of Mac’s athletes. [Read more...]

The Mentorship Program

FSARoundtable1_150 We are fortunate at Macdonald to have alumni who are willing to share their expertise and personal stories with our students. Every winter term, we work hand-in-hand with student groups to invite alumni to participate in mentoring round table discussions touching on career choices, how to create opportunities for oneself, and what it means to make that transition from being a student to the workforce. [Read more...]

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Macdonald’s technicians – working behind the scenes


They are out there—in the labs, in the fields and barns, behind machinery, balancing on top of ladders and lurking under benches. Often behind the scenes, they tend to the animals (large and small), nurture the plants, prepare laboratory materials, repair and modify equipment, and train students (and professors!) in the use of equipment. They are the Faculty’s 25+ technicians, a highly-trained and diverse lot, with centuries of history and experience among them, and they keep the place running smoothly. Meet five of the in-house technicians who are working hard to enhance the student experience in the laboratories. [Read more...]

McGill24: A Day for Change


McGill University and the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (FAES) will be taking part in a milestone event this spring. On March 16, 2016, the entire McGill community will come together like never before in celebration of McGill24, a one-day philanthropic challenge in support of the causes that matter to all of us. Each gift made to McGill during this 24-hour period will help drive change at the University. [Read more...]

Student Awards: A Gift with Impact

Bridget Coleman_424

Improving the student experience is an important motivator for many of the University’s donors. Read about the impact that donor-supported student awards make on the daily lives of the recipients. [Read more...]

A Home away from Home

Mac Campus-0073_424

Each fall the Macdonald Campus welcomes students from all over the world as they embark on their university studies. About 350 of these students choose to live in one of two residences on our beautiful campus, Laird Hall or Ecoresidence. The Residences are anything but ordinary as they turn into homes for all those who reside here. [Read more...]

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