Names in the News


A big “congratulations!” goes out to all the Human Genetics graduates in the winter 2011 term.

We had four MSC Genetic Counselling graduates: Nicole Perrier, Lynn Macrae, Laura Whelton and Francois Plourde.

We also had 5 MSC Human Genetics graduates: Kevin Ha, Bahar Kasaai, Michelle Miller, Stephen Fung, and Abeer Zakariyah.

Click for photos from our convocation cocktail on May 31, 2011.

MSC graduate Kevin Ha with supervisor Jacek Majewski and Kevin's family.

MSc Genetic Counselling graduates with program Director Jennifer Fitzpatrick. (Left to right) Nicole Perrier, Lynn Macrae, Laura Whelton. (Not pictured Francois Plourde)

MSc graduate Michelle Miller with supervisor Paul Goodyer and her mother.

Genetic Counselling Director Jennifer Fitzpatrick speaking to the crowd at the convocation cocktail

(left to right) Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Alessandra Duncan, Aspasia Karalis, and Eric Shoubrige celebrating Dr. Duncan's teaching award.

Kandace Springer (Administrative Assistant), new MSC Human Genetics graduate Bahar Kasaai, and Thomas Leslie (Graduate Program Coordinator)

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